TouchStar™, a multinational provider of logistics and mobility software solutions, continues to see success in the booming crude hauling and well site services industry with six new customers choosing its integrated workforce automation solutions – adding to its total global fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles.

With solutions originally developed to provide workforce automation to crude haulers, TouchStar has continually added functionality to its WellSite mobility solution to meet the growing demands of the upstream and midstream industries with automated workflows for well site service companies and a recently released workflow for water haulers.

“The main benefit to our customers is the ability to remove paper processes from their business,” said TouchStar Sales Manager David Fredericks. “Electronic ticketing and vehicle inspections and the automatic transfer of data to the back office drastically increases driver utilization while reducing data errors. Integrated through our FleetAtlas Framework with fleet tracking, dynamic dispatching, and workforce scheduling applications, our customers experience increased efficiency and drastically reduced costs, leading to a return on investment within 12 months.”

As the upstream and midstream industries continue to grow at an increasing pace, improving efficiency will become an even higher priority as more competition enters the market.

“Everyone I talk to is looking for that competitive advantage, allowing them to do more with fewer resources,” added Fredericks. “Eliminating paper is the quickest way to increase efficiency across the organization and with tools like our online approval process; we have dramatically reduced the amount of time that it takes our customers to receive payment. Drivers, dispatchers, back office staff, and management immediately realize the benefits from automating these processes.”

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TouchStar is a leading multinational logistics and mobility software provider delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of the Oil & Gas, Field Service, Transportation, and Consumer Goods industries. With a 20 year history and systems worldwide, TouchStar provides cloud and on premise solutions ranging from fleet tracking applications to comprehensive enterprise mobility and automated accounting solutions. Relied upon by organizations of any size, from many of world’s largest energy, logistics, and field service companies through to smaller, localized service organizations, TouchStar’s FleetAtlas framework is highly scalable and provides the foundation for a progressive automation journey. TouchStar is headquartered in Tulsa, OK with technology and support offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and Germany. For more information, visit