Kendra Keller, Vice President and General Manager, North America, Dover Fueling Solutions




Describe what DFS is today.

Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) is a technology leader in the fueling industry. We have developed from a durable, reliable, top-tier product manufacturer to a forward-thinking, customer-centric innovator. We recognize the stiff competition fuel retailers face, and our goal is to allow them to focus on what matters most: creating positive customer experiences to increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

The fueling industry has not readily embraced technology, but there are ways to help fuel retailers utilize technology to provide an exceptional experience for their customers. A connected, cloud-based solution combined with a large touchscreen experience on the fuel dispenser is one example of embracing digital transformation to increase customer loyalty and drive revenue. Digital transformation is here, and we’re meeting our customers where they are to get them where they want to be.

At DFS, we are advocates for our customers as we introduce the power of a truly connected business; working with the retail site as a whole, leveraging technology to automate processes and re-committing retailer focus toward customers and driving repeat business.


It’s often overlooked for “trendier” features in the tech world, but how important is the automation of maintenance and system reliability monitoring?

We would not be able to have fun and innovate around “trendy” features in the tech world if the necessary processes and procedures were not handled first. Functional performance is the top priority for any product being developed or being used in the market today. The greatest compliment we can receive about our automation processes and system monitoring software is to be so reliable that the need is actually forgotten.

Bringing the internet of things (IoT) to the fueling industry has unlocked the power of the cloud and fused it with the power of retail connectivity. Automating a wide range of hardware and software processes held to the highest regulatory and security standards is a monumental task. Regulatory pressures come from all angles, and every regulatory audit we can relieve as a partner is another way we provide value to our customers.

We’ve prioritized safety and security across many necessary processes at a fueling location, allowing customers to enjoy the “trendy” features. It is an honor for us to manufacture and service the unsung heroes of fuel retailing.


The DFS DX platform unifies a range of operational functions “under one roof.” What is the utility of a platform that encompasses such seemingly divergent functions as wetstock management at one end and targeted advertising and media at the other?

Retailers and site owners make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions every single day. The utility of a platform that can centralize the data points required to make those decisions is a business-critical benefit. Retailers can save time through cloud-based analysis, capturing data points from multiple store locations or multiple locations throughout a store, on one screen. Time saved from commuting between stores or constantly monitoring an entire location is reason enough to invest in comprehensive business platforms.

Wetstock management is just as critical as keeping shelves full but is more difficult to monitor without the right tools. Dispenser uptime is the first requirement of customer experience on the forecourt, making operational status updates critical to a positive customer visit. The highest margins are made from in-store sales, meaning promotions must be targeted and timely to influence consumer behavior. If you could control all these facets of a complex business from one screen, wouldn’t you?

One of the most valuable assets we have is time, and bringing a comprehensive business view is a key strategy to drive efficiencies to give time back to our customers.


How do you balance the needs of a unified platform yet allow the incorporation of valued solutions that might be from different solution providers?

Flexibility is important because every store is unique. It is in the customer’s best interest not to limit what we can do for them. With that in mind, we have proactively designed the platforms to work together while allowing customization and welcoming API integration to incorporate alternate solution providers.


Dispenser displays have come a long way from the LED strips that replaced the old mechanical digit counters. Screens have gotten larger, and the Anthem UX platform system features an exceptionally large display. What does that allow for with the customer marketing interface and does that impact vandalism concerns, etc.?

The Anthem user experience platform is the industry’s largest screen, bringing 27 inches of selling power to every fueling point. This gives customers what they want the most: choices. From traffic and weather updates to multiple language options to volume and screen contrast options, the goal is to drive repeat business through engaging interactivity.

The ability to target promotions based on time of day, day of the week and stage of the fueling process empowers retailers to promote high-margin sales and drive customers inside to increase spend per visit.

Fueling is being transformed from a distressed purchase to a fun, engaging experience. The screens themselves are made from tempered glass, which is 4-5 times as strong as annealed glass.