TravelCenters of America LLC answers the call to provide more comprehensive heavy truck maintenance and repair services for fleet equipment that is idle with TechOn-SITE™. Trucks today are more complex than ever, equipped with advanced electronic components, sensors and emission controls that require state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose an issue and a highly skilled technician to complete the repair. TechOn-SITE, previously TA Truck Service OnSITE, better identifies the importance of the technical expertise required to fill a growing need in the industry for expanded remote maintenance and repair services.

“Our technical team is the best in the industry and affords us the ability to provide just about any service completed in-bay today at a remote location,” said Skip McGary, TA Executive Vice President “The strength of our technicians is why the TechOn-SITE fleet has grown to over 200 units servicing idle trucks and trailers on remote lots to ensure they are road ready when the driver arrives.”

The TechOn-SITE mobile maintenance vehicle is custom designed to provide the technician access to the tools, equipment and parts needed to complete routine maintenance or a more complex repair. Some of the most frequently requested mobile services include DOT Inspections, computer diagnostics, tire service, brakes, lighting, reefer PM, trailer maintenance and DPF cleaning services.