A new Autogas nozzle, the Staubli, is now being offered to the propane market. With components including adapters, connectors, caps and valves, this new nozzle can complement new installations as well as become retrofitted for existing autogas vehicles. Developed by Cavagna Group, the nozzle accessories feature Euro Nozzle-Acme adapters as well as the current ACME Nozzle-Euro Fill valves. Adapters allow the transition to happen between the ACME nozzle and the new Euro Fill Nozzle and the old Acme fill valve that might be on the vehicle.

The quick connect technology brings autogas refueling into the modern age at the fuel pump. These state-of-the-art products are now available for all autogas users in North America, along with Staubli’s UL certified GPV14 ultra -low emission propane autogas nozzle through equipment distributors.

The Staubli nozzle is available from industry equipment distributors such as Superior Energy Systems, Bergquist Distributors, and others within the industry. Plans are for the distribution of the nozzle and accessory components are to begin this month. The Alliance AutoGas network will begin installing the new connector and using the new nozzle for all new autogas installations. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, there are 2,700 fueling stations in the U.S. alone, in addition to the Alliance’s 460 fleet locations.

Tucker Perkins, chief business development officer for the Propane Education & Research Council notes, “We want to move forward promoting this [European] connection to industry customers,, and that means getting manufacturers of connectors and adapters involved such as Cavagna Group, as well as the propane industry’s equipment distributors in the United States and Canada.”

For further information on the new nozzle and retrofit autogas systems, contact David Finder at 828.232.0910 dmfinder@blossmangas.com or Helen Marks at hmarks@blossmangas.com