Franklin Fueling Systems announce that their complete line of FLEX-ING™ brand FLEX-ON™ hoses have achieved both UL and cUL listings. Their FLEX-ON™ Hardwall, Softwall, and Marina hoses with swivels underwent rigorous testing that included over 100,000 usage cycles to achieve this listing.
Franklin offers a complete line of curb and whip hoses with solutions for virtually any application. Ther hoses and fittings, which can be ordered with swivels for ease of use, feature robust designs, built to stand up to the harshest forecourt conditions. The complete line of UL and cUL listed hoses includes:
• FLEX-ON™ Hardwall Hose with fixed and/or swivel fittings
• FLEX-ON™ Softwall Hose with fixed and/or swivel fittings
• FLEX-ON™ Marina Hose with fixed and/or swivel fittings
• FLEX-COLD™ Cold Weather Hose with fixed fittings

Additional hose options include:
• AGRI-FLEX™ Agriculture & Multi-Use Hose • Ethanol Hose (UL listed)
• Low Permeation Hose (UL listed & CARB approved)
• Low Permeation Vapor Recovery Hose (UL listed & CARB approved) • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Hose
• Service Station Air Hose (Softwall & Hardwall)