Suburban Propane Partners, L.P., a nationwide distributor of propane, fuel oil and related products and services, as well as a marketer of natural gas and electricity and an investor in low-carbon fuel alternatives, is pleased to announce the extension of its 2020 agreement with U-Haul® to provide eco-friendly, renewable propane in California. Renewable propane, used to power over-the-road vehicles and forklifts, offers extremely low carbon emissions and is made using renewable resources; including certain biomass feedstocks.

Renewable propane possesses lower carbon intensity than traditional propane, with no change in performance and handling. When compared to gasoline and diesel, propane and renewable propane can significantly reduce harmful contributors to greenhouse gases.

“We are so pleased to continue our relationship with U-Haul to supply renewable propane in the state of California, further supporting our collective efforts to lower carbon emissions in the state,” said Nandini Sankara, Spokesperson, Suburban Propane. “As the U.S. adopts more stringent policies to reduce greenhouse gases and lower the nation’s carbon footprint, Suburban Propane is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and products to meet evolving needs.”

This arrangement with U-Haul is part of Suburban Propane’s “Go Green with Suburban Propane” initiative, which focuses on the company’s commitment to advocating for the clean burning attributes of propane in the transition to a sustainable energy future and to investing in innovative solutions to pave the way to zero-carbon emissions.

“I am proud that U-Haul is able to offer renewable propane to our customers in California and I look forward to continued growth across the country in the future,” said Dwight Farr, Propane Program Manager, U-Haul. “It’s exciting to offer an alternative energy source which has a lower carbon intensity score than the majority of the country’s energy grid. At U-Haul we are continually growing our sustainability initiatives and, by offering renewable propane to our customers, we are doing our part to better the environment in the world we live in.”