All or Nothing?

We don’t subscribe to an all-or-nothing philosophy when creating fuel solutions for petroleum marketers. Neither should you.

Pinnacle allows clients the flexibility to choose the technology that is right for their unique business.  In addition to flexibility in product choice, Pinnacle offers flexibility within the Fuel Smart platform. You decide how to harness the power of Pinnacle Fuel Smart, from real-time inventory management to wholesale billing and retail price broadcasting.


For Wholesale Fuel Marketers

Fast changing fuel markets demand actionable business intelligence. Our Customer Access Portal’s up-to-date pricing data delivers the timely knowledge required to make informed decisions. Invoices and financial statements can be saved to the portal for easy access, allowing customers to check the status of their account and audit discrepancies as they arise. Payments are made quickly and accurately, with transparency and efficiency.


Below The Rack Trend

Downward pressure on oil prices and longer recovery times in upstream oil are leading many upstream businesses into downstream lines of business.

When these players move into the downstream business, they often do not have the software needed to manage this part of their business.  When they implement Fuel Smart, they find that Pinnacle not only assists them with their downstream business automation, but also helps them with upstream business automation as well.  Not only do we assist them with wholesaler supply management, we also use Fuel Smart to assist with upstream inventory management.


Keeping Up With the Fuel Market

Fuel Smart’s flexibility allows you to balance your inventory proactively. Your purchase decisions are leveraged with real-time business intelligence. Fuel Smart analyzes sales patterns and demand to forecast optimal replenishment levels for your fuel inventory. Fuel Smart balances inventories immediately for volume and optimal margin.