Skupos announced that its digital platform grew beyond 9,200 stores and is now the largest connected network of convenience stores in the United States. This
announcement means that Skupos has more coverage than 7-Eleven, long the largest c-store group in America.

Jake Bolling, CEO of Skupos, said “we’re proud to be trusted by thousands of owners and managers to connect their stores to distributors and CPG brands through our digital platform. It’s exciting to become the largest network of our kind in the country, but we have big plans to continue growing and adding value across the

The Skupos platform continues to grow at double-digit rates every month, with a wide range of customers. While some Skupos retailers operate chains of several hundred stores, 58% of Skupos locations belong to independent owners with 5 or fewer stores. “Even though Skupos has already connected about 6% of the U.S.
market, there are still many more stores to bring on to the Skupos data platform,” said Zachary Kimball, VP of Strategy and Growth. “That means a huge opportunity to help more retailers across the country adopt innovative technology.”

Skupos continues to build out its platform capabilities. For c-stores in particular, Skupos has focused on new analytics and reporting. Skupos also continues to expand supply-chain solutions to support DSD and wholesale order automation. And in May, Skupos announced the release of Skupos Engage, a platform which allows retailers and CPG brands to deliver brand-funded discounts to consumers directly at the point of sale.

“We have a lot of work on our hands with over 9,200 stores, but we are excited to continue providing value to the convenience retail ecosystem,” said Lauren Denault, VP of Customer Experience. “Our team is dedicated to informing our c-store customers with data so they can focus on their operations and drive profit for their businesses.”