Sinclair Oil Corporation, with 1,300 stations in 24 states, now offers customers an opportunity to earn rewards with online purchases then convert them to discounted gas through its new DINOREWARDS program. Participants benefit in the form of Sinclair gas credits when they shop online. Well-known merchants, including Target, Nordstrom, Best Buy and 1-800-Flowers, are among the thousands participating. Sinclair has partnered with Billaway to deploy the advanced customer appreciation program.

Early adopters of the rewards program will receive a free Android™ smartphone offer. Participating customers register for DINOREWARDS and then are directed to a web page ( to choose a phone of their liking. A new or upgraded two-year activation plan is required. This offer is good while supplies last.

“Sinclair Oil set out to offer a rewards program that did not ask customers to change their behavior, and Billaway was the only one we felt accomplished this goal,” said Sinclair Oil Marketing Manager Russell Gibson. “Now our customers can reduce the monthly amount they pay for fuel and enjoy a new phone as well.”

Gibson describes the program as being simple:

  • Customers join DINOREWARDS ( by registering via email, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Registrants receive the Android™ smartphone offer for signing up while supplies last.
  • After shopping online at many of their favorite merchants, DINOREWARDS members automatically earn rewards that can apply straight to a Sinclair credit card bill or be redeemed for a Sinclair gift card.

Sinclair Oil Customers Earn Benefits With the New DINOREWARDS™ Program

  • They may also earn discounted gas by printing and using coupons, taking surveys, playing games, watching movie trailers and engaging in other activities.

“Sinclair Oil represents a great step forward for Billaway,” said Billaway CEO Paul Harkins. “Sinclair’s aggressive use of social media and its reputation in the industry attract and create loyal customers. The Billaway platform is unique at driving consumers to participating merchants where they will ultimately benefit financially by what they purchase.”