Leighton O’Brien, a leading petroleum technology company, is launching its new wetstock management solution, Wetstock Live at the NACS/PEI Conference in Las Vegas. Full demos will be available for attendees at booth #6450.

The comprehensive live wetstock monitoring, analytics, reporting and actioning platform presents data at the macro level then allows any issues to be actioned at network level in three clicks. Real-time transactional data feeds are consolidated from all brands of dispensing pumps and ATGs as well as delivery information which is fed into an elegant analytics platform.

“Wetstock Live builds on our extensive and substantial IP and algorithms and extends our IP into more areas such as delivery validation to 20 gallons, and ensuring ATGs meet a consistent accuracy of plus or minus 0.3% of delivered volume,” said Steve O’Brien, co-founder and Research Director of Leighton O’Brien. “You’d be amazed at how many ATG’s are not accurate,” he said.

“Data volumes have grown from 2,000 records per day with traditional wetstock to 8.5 million records per day with Wetstock Live,” O’Brien said. “What we can now do and see is incredibly more granular and much deeper from an analytics stand point. The granular level of data means that wetstock can finally be managed the way it should be – with every ATG accurate, every pump flowing right and dispensing accurately, confidence that full deliveries are made to each site and a raft of other operational benefits including water ingress analysis and enhanced environmental compliance.

Key product features and benefits include:

  1. Dispenser monitoring: Live flow rate monitoring of all dispensers regardless of brand, with live detection and reporting of any reduced flow dispensers;
  2. Meter drift analysis: Drifting meters is a primary cause of fuel loss. Meter drift is monitored and assessed for the accuracy of dispensing, as well as meter downtime assessed and dispensers not in operation are identified for action;
  3. Water management: Live network monitoring of water levels and analysis of any water ingress – which is particularly critical for bio fuels and ULSD;
  4. ATG monitoring: Continuous accuracy and assessment of all brands gauges at a network level – live management and correction of all ATG’s to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.3% of delivered volume, and;
  5. Delivery validation: Accurate reporting and resolution of short deliveries to an average of 20 gallons per delivery.

“Simply put, no other company has the breadth of knowledge in underground storage systems like Leighton O’Brien,” O’Brien said. “The company has combined unparalleled experience and expertise in wetstock monitoring, analysis IP and R&D know-how to develop this industry-leading IT solution that brings network level management of all issues around wetstock and storage to where it needs to be – one network, one screen.

“It’s a game changer for our customers and our business,” said O’Brien. “We aim to triple our wetstock business in the next three years in response to growing market demand for data-driven solutions to optimise the performance of retail fuel networks amid ever shrinking fuel margins,” he said.

Leighton O’Brien will be conducting demos of Wetstock Live at booth # 6450. For more information on the Wetstock Live software platform, visit www.leightonobrien.com