Ryder System, Inc., a leader in commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions, announced the activation of its enhanced online, mobile-friendly Winter Preparedness Hub, where best practices are shared on how to keep fleets winter-ready throughout the chilly season. Below-average temperatures are expected this winter, which can have debilitating effects on a fleet if not properly equipped. With record-shattering snow last year, drivers and fleet managers relied on Ryder’s Winter Preparedness Hub to remain informed of best practices surrounding fleet maintenance proactive planning, proper fueling, driver training, and driver safety — all of which can make the difference between an on-time delivery and a breakdown or accident.

“Last winter, we witnessed a great improvement in uptime and efficiency, and received positive feedback from customers, who said they turned to Ryder’s Winter Prep site for consistent, up-to-date information and maintenance/safety tips,” said Bill Dawson, Vice President, Maintenance Operations & Engineering, Ryder. “We were the first — and remain the only — in the industry to provide this kind of rich content in one location, to fleets whose safety and businesses depend on it. As many brace for cold temperatures, we aim to continue to be a trusted, reliable source that drivers and fleet operators can count on.”

On Ryder’s Winter Preparedness Hub, visitors can find informative tip sheets and videos about the do’s and don’ts of prepping a fleet for winter, Ryder shop closure notifications, and a listing of other helpful online resources such as the Winter Storm Preparedness page of Ryder charitable partner, the American Red Cross. Throughout the winter season, Ryder will also be sharing top tips from its top drivers who have extensive experience with operating vehicles through inclement weather conditions, from what to do to prep your vehicle when temperatures drop below freezing, to how to manage driving safely through heavy sleet or snow.

To download the latest tip sheet, Battling Driver Fatigue, or for more on ways to plan ahead and stay informed this winter season, visit Ryder’s Winter Preparedness Hub HERE.