With over 3,200 registered attendees and more than 300 exhibitors, the M-PACT 2021 trade show welcomed a robust event attendance to Indianapolis September 8–10 that garnered a reasonable return to pre-pandemic numbers. M-PACT 2021 offered something for everyone—education sessions on critical topics, a premier M-PACT Open golf event at the legendary Brickyard Crossing, racing life lessons from luncheon keynote speaker Kyle Petty, and the first ever M-PACT Concert series by recording artist and rising star Maggie Rose.

“After having to unfortunately cancel the show in 2020, we did what our industry has always done—we adjusted and were very pleased to return with M-PACT in Indy this year,” said Scot Imus, executive director for Indiana Food and Fuel. Overall, the M-PACT organizers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees were pleased with the turnout for M-PACT 2021. The show was upbeat and reflected a shared optimism about the state of the industry as participants networked, learned and made new connections over the three-day event.

NASCAR legend, Kyle Petty, keynoted the industry luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 9 with encouraging words and stories filled with wisdom and humor from his experiences as an auto racing icon and commentator. A leader in a sport that epitomizes skill, preparation and handling the unexpected, Petty talked about the ideals that have made three generations of the Petty family legendary competitors.

Sharing the stage at the luncheon, with a preview of that evening’s M-PACT concert series performance, was featured recording artist Maggie Rose. Her performance later that evening with band Them Vibes rocked the convention center with selections from Rose’s new album Have a Seat.

On the education front, Lyle Beckwith, NACS; David Fialkov, NATSO; and Rob Underwood, EMA, discussed what could be expected with the Biden Administration and the 117th Congress. Also, John Eichberger, director of the Fuels Institute, moderated and served as a panelist on electric vehicles and the future of retailing along with John Erdman, FreeWire Technologies; Abass El-Hage, HAGE Automotive Group; Ryan Durbiano, Blink Charging; and Jimmy Smith, ChargePoint.

The trade show floor opened on Thursday following the luncheon with more than 300 exhibiting companies that featured products, services, and solutions on full display. Booths were inundated with attendees looking to learn and connect. Marketers, retailers, vendors and suppliers engaged in productive conversations, solidified deals, forged partnerships, and strengthened existing relationships.

M-PACT hosted a pre-show golf tournament on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at the Brickyard Crossing where 144 golfers competed for top honors on the course located adjacent to and also in the infield of the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Friday morning of the show featured top-rated learning opportunities in four core tracks—Wholesale, Retail, Equipment and Environmental and C-Store Managers.

“As we plan for the 20th anniversary of M-PACT in 2022, this year’s show has proven that our industry can adapt and overcome significant challenges” added Imus. M-PACT 2022 will be held on April 19–21 in Indianapolis. To learn more, please visit www.m-pact.org.

Offered below are some of the highlights found on the trade show floor.


Blink EV Charging

There were a handful of EV solutions on the show floor. One of those, Blink, offers EV charging solutions and income producing products with maximum flexibility and control. It’s IQ 200 is billed as the fastest level II charging station to support retail operations, producing 80 amps of output and providing approximately 65 miles of charge in an hour. Operated on the Blink Network, they can charge any battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. For faster charging, Blink’s 175kW DCFC solution is a modular, flexible 175kW DC fast charging solution providing exceptional reliability, easy operation and low lifetime maintenance in a compact design.


Biobor Fuel Quality Management Program

Biobor was highlighting its Biobor Fuel Quality Management Program, which is based around test, treat and protect. The testing involves using the Biobor HumBug or FUELSTAT process to identify and remove free water. Treating involves cleaning and remediation using BioborJF fuel biocide to kill microbial contamination and protect fuel and then treat with Biobor conditioners to improve fuel quality and operability. The protect portion comes with monitoring and maintaining the fuel with monthly  fuel sampling and biannual testing to identify changes in fuel quality. It also involves treating tanks quarterly with BioborJF to reduce system corrosion and keep fuel clean.


 Civacon CivaCommand

Fuel delivery drivers provide fueling sites with a steady source of product, but this arrangement is not without its challenges. CivaCommand is a user-friendly digital cargo tank control technology that features an easy-to-read graphic touchscreen display that is in direct digital communication with the trailer’s fuel delivery and control components. The touchscreen display consolidates access to the different control aspects on a cargo tank, including product-retain monitoring, overfill detection and control, pneumatic (air pressure) monitoring, product-crossover prevention, system troubleshooting and usage/event history.


Clean Fuels National

Clean Fuels National is a leading international petroleum storage tank cleaning company. Clean Fuels highlighted its “The Clean Fuels National Process” which is a hybrid system that provides particulate, sediment, microbial and water removal for both USTs and ASTs in a single visit. The customer gets tank cleaning and fuel filtering without the need for an extra on-site vehicle. It will clean tanks up to 50,000 gallons. The process includes corrosion prevention and maintenance for all components. It also offers a  patented phase fuel remediation process.


Digital Dispatcher’s NFC Asset Identification Tokens

Digital Dispatcher’s Delivery and Service solution is a mobile field management software solution for the oil, propane, fleet fueling and HVAC service industries. Highlighted in the booth was its near field communications tokens that identify the customer’s vehicle without some of the issues that can arise with barcode and other solutions. The tokens can be scanned with a smart phone and are highly resistant to dirt and other environmental problems.


DTN Fuel Buying Analytics

DTN is a data, analytics and technology company that delivers operational intelligence to organizations with complex supply chains. For downstream petroleum, DTN supports buying, selling, transporting, storing and delivering refined fuels products to customers. DTN delivers supplier pricing information in real-time for over 800 unique products at more than 1,900 terminals in the United States and Canada. Its fuel-buying solutions for the downstream oil and gas industry automate and streamline the buying processes to boost productivity and grow profits.


DFS Anthem UX platform.

Dover Fueling Solutions promoted the Anthem UX platform, a large dispenser mounted screen featuring 27” of selling space. Anthem is built to perform in the harshest environments. Its toughened glass is four to five times as durable as regular glass. Future updates and enhancements can be added with a simple remote upgrade. The flexible platform allows for unlimited possibilities. Digital branding allows retailers to control unique promotions before, during and after fueling. Promote high-margin purchases or loyalty programs to a captive audience. Promote relevant products or services based on the time of day and day of the week. Run multiple ads at one time, on one screen, through video and static content.



EdgePetrol showcased its software that allows a retailer to acquire complete visibility into their volume, margin, profit and competitor data in one place. This allows a retailer to combat reduced volumes and aggressive competition with real-time data and insight proven to increase profitability. Understand the cost prices and margins based on the current weighting of fuel in the tanks. Break down margins into gross and net by seeing the impact of credit cards on profits as they happen, so there are no surprises at the end of the month. The solution scales from smaller operations to large.


Insite 360 HALO

Insite360, a Veeder-Root Company, was displaying its solution including the 2019-launched Insite360 HALO. This is a complete rack-to-cash fuel buying, distribution and reconciliation solution.  HALO enables fuel buyers to remotely monitor, purchase and dispatch their gasoline and diesel requirements in real time. HALO utilizes an intuitive user interface to track truck loads in real-time, immediately access electronic bill of ladings and delivery tickets and issue error-free invoices within minutes of fuel delivery. This intuitive new paperless software solution revolutionizes the fuel supply chain procurement and logistics process for fuel distributors and wholesalers, common carriers, bulk fuel buyers, fleet operators and convenience store retailers.  Designed for operators and networks of any size, Insite360 HALO delivers a comprehensive, easy to implement solution, bringing multiple areas of fuel management operations together in a single, integrated platform.


FiscalSystems’ TravStar1

FiscalSystems was showcasing its TravStar1, 24 hour unattended fueling system. It is built on an open architecture and hardware platform. The terminal provides the flexibility to interface with every major brand of fuel dispenser and fleet payment network. The interface is an easy-to-use touchscreen that reduces time and errors, building customer loyalty as the driver quickly and efficiently authorizes the transaction getting back on the road faster. Real-time transaction reporting and reconciliation for single or multi-site locations is made easy. Web-based operations allow users to logon and view transaction data from anywhere across the United States. The system was designed to be extremely reliable and flexible.


Invenco Terminal System

Invenco provides a pay at the pump terminal system and c-store solutions that are designed to deliver the latest in an engaging and affordable forecourt payment technology. Started in 2004 as an outdoor EMV payment terminal they have over 125,000 terminals in the field today. The all-in-one G6 OPT (outdoor payment terminal) is tailor-made for outdoor self-service retail situations. It comes with a full range of outdoor EMV payment options with a ruggedized touchscreen for exceptional customer engagement. Designed to be retrofit into most pump types, the G6 OPT is an industrial, multimedia device with a wide range of payment options. These include debit, credit, “tap and go,” loyalty, vouchers and coupons – with contactless payment as standard. It also comes with full audio, a thermal printer and optional barcode scanner.


iRely Highlights Mobile Billing Solution

iRely leverages deep industry expertise to deliver business management software for the petroleum distribution industry. The solution features numerous modules and features, with mobile billing being highlighted at the show. Daily, customer, tank, contract, pricing tax and other relevant information are downloaded from the home office into a laptop or tablet in the truck to be used to generate invoices. The range of other driver required operational data are also downloaded. After the fueling is complete, the customer is provided actual printed invoices rather than handwritten tickets.


Liquid Controls’ LCR.iQ

Liquid Controls is a leader in precision measuring systems providing highly engineered and differentiated products used in custody transfer of highly valuable refined fuels and liquids. Among its many solutions displayed was the combination of the CENTRILOGiQ connected technology platform and the LCR.iQ scale able electronic register platform. It features a bright high-definition display for easy visibility, durable construction to withstand the elements, large configurable smart keys and requires little to no training to operate. Designed with the future in mind, the LCR.iQ™ introduces new potential to OEMs and end users to fully customize the fueling experience with configurable screens and tickets, adaptable software, real-time on-screen diagnostics, and remote data access with controls via embedded Wifi and Bluetooth — opening the door to near-infinite platform expand-ability.



MAC LTT offers a range of liquid tank trailers enhanced with some distinctive proprietary features. Most visually obvious on the floor was the Total Area Lighting Kit (T.A.L.K.) that features self-illuminating safety arms that swing out creating an illuminated safe work zone with red lights on each side and white light on the bottom. The light bar above the API area totally illuminates the work area creating a safe and efficient unloading zone for making hose connections. A lighted hose guard allows the operator protect the side of the barrel and add additional lighting to the work area. A lighted letter allows drivers enhance lighting and safety when using the ladder lighted rear head as an added feature further improves lighting behind the trailer to advance visibility and safety.



MID:COM highlighted its E:Count standalone register for petroleum and propane bobtails. E:Count will improve the accuracy and efficiency of any mechanical meter by replacing hundreds of moving parts with a very low maintenance, solid state electronic counter. It features easy mounting and use on any brand or type of meter. It has large easy to read alpha numeric display. Easy to follow legends are present for all operations. Self-contained calibration and setup functions. Accepts any type of pulse input. Built in Enduro Switch control keys (for harsh environments). Sealed connectors including power, valve control and remote readout. Field programmable for custom applications. It eliminates changing gears, adjusters, linkages and other mechanical parts



MyTankInfo pulls data from a fuel site’s automatic tank gauge and securely pushes it to cloud-based fuel management software. It provides operators with a mobile-friendly dashboard where they can easily access fuel level data, tank alarm information, compliance reporting tools and more on any web-enabled device. MyTankInfo provides fuel inventory forecasting tools and informs operators when fuel inventory will be depleted, enabling the timing — and pricing — of fuel deliveries to be optimized. In addition, the MyTankInfo software streamlines on-site fuel inventory reconciliation procedures and compliance reporting. Because MyTankInfo’s cloud-based platform is also designed to interface with fleet logistics and compliance platforms, operators can leverage their investment in to the fullest.


OPW’s DSE Dispenser Sump

OPW Retail Fueling’s DSE sump is produced using an advanced composite technology manufacturing process, and can deliver quality, fast lead times and affordability without sacrifice. DSE is installed beneath fuel dispensers to provide access to and secondary containment of dispenser plumbing, emergency shear valves and underground piping connections. The DSE offers a smooth surface on both sides of the sump wall through a closed-molded manufacturing process. The DSE is UL and ULc listed and backed by OPWs quality service and expertise.


PetroClear filtration solutions

The company provides a broad range of filtration solutions for the petroleum industry. Highlighting one aspect is PetroClear’s DEF filtration solutions that includes filters that trap urea crystals and other contaminants. The DEF E5 offers an efficient 5 µm absolute particulate removable. The DFE 10 offers 10 µm absolute particulate removal. The company also offers DEF housing made out of heavy duty 316 L stainless steel for maximum durability entering net closure facilitates quick cartridge change.


RDM’s Defender One Pump Security

RDM is leading remanufacturer of petroleum electronic equipment. It was showcasing its retrofit alarm kits for new and existing fuel dispensers to help protect the station against fuel theft within dispensers security and built-in siren. The Defender One has a unique, patented process that can stop a transaction in progress and deactivate a breach dispenser. The Defender One reduces risk by disabling a compromised fuel dispenser. Designed to meet critical safety requirements for retail fuel station. Underwriters laboratories certification for use in class when, Division I, group D hazardous environment. Battery backup provides protection during power outages. It has customizable security, allowing the operator to adjusted to fit its operational capabilities and existing alarm panels and point of sale.


Schneider Electric Liquid Distribution Management System

The new Schneider Electric Centeron 4G LTE Cellular Radar Monitor uses guided wave technology and is an intrinsically safe USL and CNL certified product for monitoring above-ground tanks up to 20’ in height. The radar monitor provides levels accurate to +/- .05%. The unit has an operating temperature of -30°C to +60°C and features Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology insuring viability of your Centeron system for years to come.



SkyBitz is a petroleum logistics platform designed for fuel, lubricants and propane marketers by marketers. Forecast customer demand, create recurring scheduled orders, digitally validate driver deliveries and match BOL’s, auto process billing packages, and integrate with your existing accounting software. Deliver more volume with less trips using tank levels, truck capacity, real-time truck inventory and customer order status. Dynamically apply service fees for minimal volume deliveries and dispatch nearby deliveries that can deplete costly retains in real-time. Receive real-time activity alerts and metrics so dispatch can ensure their optimized route plan is being executed by the driver.


Sound Payments’ Sound Easy Pump

Sound Easy Pump was on display at the show–a retrofit payment solution for the petroleum industry that is cost-effective, PCI compliant and accepts EMV, mag-stripe, and contactless payment transactions directly at the pump. Independent stations can now meet industry requirements without the need to purchase new pumps and close stations for installation. The platform is also flexible to support future innovations. The cloud adheres to internal systems and interfaces with standard industry protocols. The all-in-one payment terminal supports QR code scanning, PIN-on-glass, MSR, EMV chip and PIN, NFC for bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and includes a built-in security camera. The device is simple to install with only one cord for power.


Source North America

Source North America Corporation specializes in the sale of equipment, parts and materials for the construction and maintenance of gas stations, convenience stores and petroleum and chemical handling facilities. Source is one of the largest stocking distributors in the USA, with 15 facilities that combine to comprise more than 300,000 square feet of warehouse space across the country, anchored by its central warehouse in suburban Chicago.


Thunder Creek Multi-Tank Upfit

The Multi-Tank Upfit brings the no HAZMAT functionality of the Multi-Tank platform to medium-duty truck bodies. It utilizes eight independent 115-gallon tanks that are only connected when a common manifold is opened at the pumping station. The result is a vehicle that legally mitigates the need for the driver to carry a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement. The Multi-Tank Upfit is the ideal solution for metropolitan and urban areas, as well as disaster relief organizations, providing excellent maneuverability for in narrow working conditions.


Westmor Transtech RBT Trailer

Westmor Industries is an American-made manufacturer and distributor of energy storage, transportation and dispensing equipment. The company was showcasing its trans tech distribution trailer, a DOT 406 trailer with meter delivery. Multiple models and customized sizes are available. A marketer can maximize asset utilization by pairing one tractor with a petroleum distribution trailer and a metered propane trailer. And while this 6500-gallon trailer carries more payload than a straight truck, it can also perform bulk deliveries and haul product when needed.


Lumin Filtration System

ValveTect provides a range of additives solutions for diesel, Marine feels gasoline and propane. A highlight was the Lumin multistage ceramic filtration systems that is designed to remove particulates, water, heavy oils and other impurities present in an LPG due to inadequate refining practices, poor filtration and unclean holding tanks and transportation vehicles. These impurities can negatively impact LPG performance and lead to increased equipment downtime and maintenance expense, and unhealthy environmental omissions.


Warren Rogers fuelWRAp

Warren Rogers is a provider of wet stock management and fuel system diagnosis for many of the largest travel centers and c-store operations in the United States. Warren Rogers’ fuelWRAp is a precise and efficient fuel management system that uses real-time data and leverages the flexibility and smart analytics of the cloud to help fuel retailers continuously track every drop of fuel inventory. The latest edition of fuelWRAp features a new and intuitive dashboard, simplified menu options, detailed diagnostics, insightful performance metrics and exception-based reporting, all supported by analyst teams, directly assigned to each client.


Western Global FuelCube

Western Global’s transportable and stationary tanks reflect a 50-year history of helping customers store, move and dispense every kind of fuel. On-site, even in remote locations, the company’s FuelCube guarantees a consistent, environmentally safe source of fuel, letting the operation run without interruption. Designed to connect to kit and dispense fuel at the same time, with forklift pockets for mobility when empty, this sturdy tank allows you to take back control of your energy.