Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of business software for fuel marketers and distributors, continues to see increased usage of its customer web portal.

As technology becomes more and more prevalent in the fuel distribution market, enabling customers to access their data in real-time via the web is becoming more of a requirement.

Trinium’s web portal, Trinium Pipeline, is a user-friendly customer portal that enables on-demand access to data 24/7. By going to the fuel marketer’s website, customers can sign into Pipeline to perform various functions including; secure on-line access to data, view and download invoices, pay on-line, manage outstanding payments, order and maintain cards, attain price quotes, create routes, check credit status, and run reports like IFTA reports.

By enabling customer self service via the web, fuel marketers can improve internal staff productivity and improve customer satisfaction by enabling easy access to data. “We have a company policy to ramp up all new customers on Trinium’s Pipeline, which has improved our customer service levels and response times, and provided us a competitive advantage in the market,” said Debi Biggers, commercial fueling sales manager, Robinson Oil Corporation.

Trinium offers a cloud-based fuel software application for fuel wholesalers and cardlock operators.  The Trinium Pipeline web portal is easily deployed and linked to the fuel marketers web site, providing a transparent customer experience.  “We continue to improve our web portal offering as demand grows from fuel marketers to enable on-demand access for their customers”, said Dennis Lane, chief commercial office, Trinium Technologies.

Trinium is recognized as a leading developer of business software for fuel marketers and distributors. The company provides a broad suite of software applications that enables its customers to improve their financial results by reducing costs, growing revenues, and improving customer service.  For more information about Trinium, call (310) 214-3118, or visit