Robbins LLC, a HEXPOL Company, recently introduced a new Robbins logo. As a leading provider of retread products, Robbins helps its customers deliver the best retread tires available for trucks, OTR vehicles and passenger cars.

“We decided to update our logo in order to highlight our heritage and the fact that we proudly make our products in the United States,” said Terry Elgin, Managing Director of Robbins LLC.

The logo features a stylized R with a red, white and blue stars and stripes design. It represents the quality of the comprehensive line of Robbins retreading products, all “Made in the USA” with precise compound formulations and leading technology.

“We tested the new logo with customers globally and the response was overwhelmingly positive,” according to Hugo Sandberg, Robbins LLC Sales Manager.

The new logo is on the company’s product, website, packaging, brochures and other company materials.