The American Petroleum Institute (API) highlighted the risks of the administration’s proposal to arbitrarily force more ethanol into the market in testimony provided during EPA’s public hearing on proposed 2020-21 biofuel blending requirements.

“Unfortunately, the supplemental notice and this hearing are a departure from regular order necessitated by a ‘deal’ that is contrary to the statute governing this program,” API Senior Fuels Policy Advisor Patrick Kelly said. “The supplemental notice does not provide a compelling reason why EPA would change an established policy, which underscores the arbitrary nature of this administration’s new direction on reallocating small refinery exemptions.”

“It is wrong to play politics with our nation’s fuel supply and consumers’ vehicles,” Kelly said. “Until Congress fixes the RFS through legislation, we urge the agency to reject the relentless demands for ever-increasing renewable fuel volumes and to act in the best interest of consumers by setting standards that are reasonable, achievable, and fair for all stakeholders.”