InComm, a leading prepaid product and transaction services company, today announced that Rezzcard, a New Jersey-based rent payments and mobile communications company focused on serving the needs of tenants and families in affordable housing communities, is integrating Cashtie into their payment system.

The Cashtie API coupled with InComm’s global retail network will allow Rezzcard card holders to pay their rent in cash at over 70,000 approved Cashtie-enabled retail locations nationwide. With this integration, property management companies will be able to provide an easy and convenient cash payment network to their renters. With over 28% of the US population transacting almost exclusively in cash, the flexibility that Rezzcard offers by implementing Cashtie is one of the first services of its kind in the property management market.

“As a company, we focus on affordable housing communities where the majority of tenants are using cash to buy money orders to pay rent,” said Alex Cooper, CEO of Rezzcard. “InComm’s Cashtie technology fits in perfectly with our strategy of providing fast, safe and secure rent payments. As we expand our reach nationally we can offer the safety and convenience of letting our customers pay their rent in a brick-and-mortar store and have immediate proof of payment.”

The overall process is simple and straightforward. Rezzcard will include a barcode printed on each card, make the barcodes available from their website and through a mobile application. The customer can simply go to a checkout lane, have their barcode scanned, specify to the clerk the amount to pay in cash and the transaction is completed along with any other items purchased. In addition to receiving a printed receipt, the customer will immediately get a text notification confirming the payment and Rezzcard will send the payment electronically to the property manager that same day.

“We are excited to support this new venture and jointly drive value to our retailers and rent paying consumers,” said Thomas Cornelius, Senior Vice President at InComm. “RezzCard is solving a significant problem for cash paying consumers by bringing the value of efficient rent payments to this underserved group.”

Cashtie enables ecommerce and bill payment software providers to quickly and easily add cash payment options to their existing applications. With Cashtie, partners can provide companies the ability to let consumers pay in cash for their utility bills, loans, online purchases and more at nearby retail locations. Cashtie customers can leverage InComm’s global retail network, turning nearly 400,000 points of retail distribution into a cash payment location with no additional POS integration required.

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