Ready Mobile, a mobile phone provider enabled by the nation’s premier 4G LTE network, today announced that is launching wireless plans that include Groove, a unique network-based distracted driving solution, developed by Boulder, Colo.-based technology leader Katasi, that pauses text messaging (SMS), data, and certain other phone distractions before they reach a driver’s phone. Starting September 25, 2017, customers of Ready Mobile will be able to purchase wireless plans that include Groove’s ground-breaking anti-distracted driving technology.

Unlike other apps and distracted-driving platforms, which can be easily thwarted, or rely on user activation, Groove automatically turns off texting capability and data at the network level, stopping distractions before they reach the phone.

According to the largest distracted driving behavior study, published in April 20171, as many as 88 of every 100 trips include incidences of distracted driving. Despite the many apps, plug-ins and pledges to drive safe, distracted driving behavior has become an epidemic. Ready Mobile is committed to turning this tide, by deploying a tool to create a real and lasting change in distracted driving behaviors.

While Ready Mobile plans with Groove are an excellent option for all mobile-phone customers, Ready Mobile is initially focusing their efforts on teens and their parents, with plans starting at just $30/month for a mobile phone subscription including Groove. Ready Mobile is dedicated to protecting young drivers while providing peace of mind to those who love them.

“We are encouraging safe habits at the very start of the teen driving experience, by eliminating the temptation that comes with having a wireless device in the car,” said Kris Lentz, chief marketing officer, Ready Mobile. “As parents, we do things to protect our children every day: prepare healthy meals, childproof the house, monitor their grades. Groove extends our ability to protect our teens when they are behind the wheel. And, given that parents can often succumb to the temptation of texting while driving, our hope is that teens will influence their parents by encouraging them to use Ready Mobile with Groove as well.”

The Groove module plugs into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) socket under the car’s steering wheel and is compatible with all vehicles made since 1996. Within seconds of the car exceeding five mph at the beginning of a drive, Groove identifies the driver of the vehicle, allowing Ready Mobile to disable all text messaging and data capabilities at the network level, while voice calling remains unaffected. Within seconds of turning the key off at the end of the drive, all capabilities and services are restored. Groove is unique in that only the driver’s data and text messaging service are disabled while passenger phones in the vehicle are not affected.

“Ready Mobile is committed to making distracted driving unacceptable human behavior by eliminating the temptation to use your phone when you drive,” said Lentz. “And, it appears that our efforts are resonating. Thousands of customers have signed up to receive notification of our official launch.”

The Groove module is available to Ready Mobile customers for $100 with mobile plans including Groove starting at only $30 per month.

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