Quantum Fuel Systems, an industry leader in compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems for the automotive and heavy-duty industries, announced that its Virtual Pipeline Trailers for CNG will have expanded gas transportation capabilities including biogas, hydrogen and flare gas in 2018. By adapting its current design, Quantum’s Virtual Pipeline Trailers are able to better meet the expanding needs of the industry and become the leading storage and transportation system for CNG, biogas, hydrogen and flare gas.


“We are excited to partner with those on the forefront of renewable energy programs,” said Mark Arold, President, Quantum Fuel Systems LLC. “Biogas converts domestic and industrial waste into useable energy. The capture of biogas is an effective and affordable way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


Regarding flare gas, Arold noted, “Building pipelines to remote well sites is often cost prohibitive or simply lags behind the rapid development of new wells. With our Virtual Pipeline trailers, the natural gas can be captured and transported.”


In addition, Quantum Fuel Systems will produce a new Virtual Pipeline Trailer—the VP-20—in early 2018. These 20-foot modular containers will have a gaseous capacity of approximately 220,000 standard cubic feet (SCF) and weigh less than 25,000 lbs. fully loaded. This smaller-sized container enables increased flexibility for customers that require smaller on-site storage capacity and the adaptability between trailers to be transported in tandem for future onsite customer demands.


Currently, Quantum is delivering VP-650™ and VP LITE Virtual Pipeline Trailers to customers. The VP-650™ trailer has the highest gaseous capacity available in the industry, with approximately 650,000 SCF. With Quantum’s product line expansion, customers now have the flexibility to haul CNG in the size and capacity that meets their needs.


“For some Quantum customers, bigger is better, but for others, the need to transport a really large amount of gas just isn’t there. The VP-20 addresses industry needs for a smaller, modular trailer, and allows Quantum to expand our customer base,” said Arold. “There is enormous interest in Virtual Pipeline Trailers, and we look forward to partnering with customers who have different requirements but still want sustainable energy on demand.”


Quantum’s innovative Virtual Pipeline solution for transporting CNG and other gaseous fuels uses industry-leading, high-capacity tanks with a longer tank life, and provide dollar-for-dollar more fuel at a lower cost with fewer trailers and increased uptime. These high-capacity trailers are easily transportable domestically and globally.


The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo provides a one-stop shop for fleets of all weight classes to learn how to reduce costs and emissions. Quantum is proud to partner with the transportation industry’s leading organizations and deliver products that demonstrate the importance of sustainability across the industry.


Visit Quantum Fuel Systems at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California, May 2 – 3 in Booth #737 to learn more about Virtual Pipeline trailers and the company’s other storage and transportation products.