“The Club” is recommending two of its products to secure trailers: the Tire Claw XL and The Wheel Club.  Whether your trailer is used for commercial purposes, transporting recreational vehicles, or hauling equipment for group events, it could be desirable for thieves.  A trailer that can quickly be hooked up and driven away has little chance of being recovered.

A trailer can be stolen for the equipment it’s carrying or for the value of the trailer itself.  When the cargo is desirable, a thief can quickly make cash by selling the load.   With a new coat of paint, the trailer can become difficult to identify and be easily sold. Trailers are stolen from private property, behind gates, on construction sites – from a number of places that they’re visible. “The Club” Tire Claw XL and The Wheel Club can both help deter theft and are ideal for protecting trailers.

“The Club” Tire Claw XL fits tires up to 12″ wide.  It’s self-locking making it easy to use, and is coated in black vinyl to protect a wheel’s rim from being damaged.  A key is required only to unlock the unit.  The Tire Claw XL works by locking around the tire of the vehicle, making it extremely difficult to move.  If a thief can’t move the trailer, chances are they can’t steal it.  This makes it an ideal deterrent for recreation and industrial trailers, ATV’s, boat trailers, and motor home trailers.   “The Club” Wheel Club fits tires up to 28″ in diameter.  It installs in seconds and uses a weather resistant galvanized steel to make it tough to defeat.  Both products come in a bright red color to add to the high visibility deterrence factor.

“We specialize in mechanical products when it comes to security,” said Jerry Trontel, President of the makers of “The Club” line of products, Winner International.   “We all need to protect our property, and that certainly includes our trailers.   The disruption of your life, work or personal, is additional stress on top of all the costs that come along with being the victim of theft. A product that is simple to use is more likely to be used.  All of our “The Club” products are designed to be easy to use, and tough to defeat. With these two products, there is no alarm involved so the user is not depending on someone else to intervene if an alarm goes off.  It comes in two sizes to meet your needs.   We prefer simple, mechanical security. Sometimes that’s all you need to have a highly effective theft deterrent,” added Trontel.

More about “The Club” products to fight trailer theft can be seen online at http://store.winner-intl.com/the-club-tire-claw-xl-p17.aspx.

“The Club” branded products are under the umbrella of Winner International, Inc., a company best known for its steering wheel lock, “The Club.” Incorporated in 1986 to address auto theft, Winner International carries over 100 products to provide for your safety and security needs, by empowering the user to take personal responsibility for crime prevention.  The line includes products for vehicles, trailers, outdoor equipment, recreational equipment, commercial equipment, personal protection and home security. “Who is protecting you and your property? Sometimes the answer is: only you.  Our products are designed to help with that,” stated Trontel.

More about “The Club” line of products is available by visiting the website at: www.TheClub.Com or by calling 1-800-527-3345.