Freedom CNG has laid the foundation for the cleaner air initiative and #DrivingCleanerAir campaign. As it relates to Port Houston, from drayage and transloading to warehousing the port has seen a year over year increase in container volume leading to a trucking logistics industry boom. In response, Freedom CNG installed and operates fast-fill, truck friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations serving public and private fleets.

As well as supplying clean fuels to Metro, Schlumberger, Houston Distributing Company and Waste Corporations of America’s fleet, Freedom CNG is providing education in the form of workshops, and grants in-order to upgrade the fleet equipment and stay on the leading edge of the clean energy movement in trucking.

With the transition from diesel to natural gas two of the largest ports in the US, Los Angeles and Long Beach each handling near $270 billion in cargo every year, residents will begin to see immediate improvement in air quality. The transition could, and should be implemented to other major port cities such as HoustonNew York, and Savannah. CNG vehicles exceed the new Federal guidelines for air quality that are being implemented by the EPA.

We are not talking about small municipalities making these changes, but some of the biggest cities in the world. By 2025 diesel and diesel engines will not be allowed in ParisMadridMexico City and Athens. City leaders are beginning to recognize the long-term concerns of diesel emissions and Freedom CNG is providing a valuable solution here in Houston.

Freedom CNG’s mission is to improve air quality by utilizing abundant local resources, reduce dependency on foreign oil, and create high quality local jobs.