Piusi USA announces that they have developed a new, turnkey, DEF dispensing system that safely dispenses DEF fluid and prevents the possible contamination of the DEF fluid. This newly designed kit features our latest SB325 nozzle with break-away stainless steel spout, revolutionary AdBlue® 3D DEF filter, original Piusi Dispense Coupler (PDC) and more! With a fortified new mounting bracket and updates such as crimped DEF hose, this kit brings a whole new way to dispense DEF.

Our innovative AdBlue® 3D Filter, misfilling spout and breakaway system are the first of its kind in the DEF industry. The main cause of fluid contamination occurs during the filling and transferring process. Our AdBlue® 3D Filter prevents the possible contamination and in turn allows for an extended life of the catalyst by using a highly efficient mechanical filtration element composed of incremental technopolymer specifically developed for the AdBlue® 3D Filter.

The Piusi Three25 is equipped with the SB325 automatic nozzle. The new nozzle features a sleek, innovative tecnhopolymer design that is reliable, ergonomic, and has a flexible shell that protects it from weathering and UV radiation. The SB325 nozzle is also available with a built-in electronic turbine meter. The spout is used in conjunction with our Piusi Magnetic adaptor to prevent a potential mis-fill. If the magnetic adapter is not in that allocated tank then the nozzle will not engage. Safety is also guaranteed by the break-away system. In the event that a vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still in the tank, the spout is designed to detach from the nozzle. This system allows for a quick repair by merely fitting a new spout on the nozzle.

For more information visit www.piusiusa.com