The Pinnacle Corporation, a leading supplier of technology automation solutions for retail convenience stores and fuel inventory management, announced a partnership withDreamTec Software Ltd. to provide a comprehensive fuel inventory management and logistics solution in the market.

By integrating with DreamTec, Pinnacle extends its fuel inventory management suite of solutions to solve fuel marketers’ unknowns of real-time delivery status tracking, giving them visibility to truck and driver field activity.  Using mobile technology and cloud services, dispatchers can monitor their delivery processes in real time, eliminate the paperwork involved and give accurate information to their customers, reducing the overall costs and potential liabilities associated with fuel delivery.  In addition, tracking of vehicle’s GPS coordinates improves customer service and routing efficiencies, managing the entire logistics process from end to end.

Melissa Fox Hadley, Pinnacle’s Director of Product Management, adds, “Pinnacle has been providing the best fuel inventory management solution to some of the biggest names in the retail convenience store and fuel marketer business for over 25 years.  With the addition of DreamTec’s truck management and logistics products and services, our integrated enterprise solution offers customers the tools to drive maximum value from their assets and give them a new level of control over their fuel operations.”

Pinnacle’s enterprise fuel inventory management solution provides accurate and timely inventory, financial, and operations reporting. DreamTec’s integrated office dashboard will provide a live picture of every vehicle in the fleet which can be filtered by depot or by truck, provide visibility to what customer deliveries have been made, at what time, and how much stock has been dispensed, all while having visibility on a Google Map where the activity took place.

“Over many years we have delivered high value mobile technologies to fuel distributors in Europe and we are excited to be partnering with a premium technology supplier, The Pinnacle Corporation, in the US to make these solutions available to their customers,” said Paul Foley, CEO of DreamTec.  “Working together, we will deliver high value technology and services that will have a real impact on the bottom-line.”