Old World Industries, LLC, through an exclusive partnership agreement with Q8Oils, is expanding its product portfolio and will now offer a new line of engine oil products for the stationary gas engine market in North and South America.

PEAK Commercial & Industrial, a division of Old World Industries, is a market leader in the Americas for the supply of antifreeze (Fleet Charge and Final Charge) and diesel exhaust fluid (BlueDEF) and already has excellent relationships with stationary gas engine operators and maintenance companies. As a functional fluid specialist in the industrial and commercial sectors, PEAK Commercial & Industrial has established a reputation for product innovation in the automotive, trucking, mining, agriculture and construction markets through its diverse sales and marketing network. The company’s credentials are, therefore, ideal for its expansion into the gas engine sector for natural gas compression and energy generated from landfill and biogas.

Developed more than 25 years ago, the Q8 Mahler range of gas engine oils is now used in more than 3,700 engines in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. Stationary gas engines are used for power and heat generation; and the Q8 Mahler range has original equipment manufacturer approvals from companies, including Caterpillar, GE-Jenbacher, Waukesha, Perkins, Rolls-Royce, MAN and many more.

Commenting on the distribution agreement, Q8Oils’ General Manager, Pierpaolo Furno, says: “Q8Oils has already established itself in the U. S. market by building a reputation for quality, performance and reliability. The distributor agreement with Old World Industries will take us to the next level, marketing our product through a highly professional organization, employing people who really understand the market. This relationship also brings us closer to the customer, delivering a quality service and product.”

“The U. S. energy market for stationary gas engines is still growing; so before making this decision, we carried out an in depth investigation into global suppliers of gas engine oils and found that Q8Oils’ reputation was built on proven performance with its customers,” said Khalid Bin Mahmood, President of Old World Industries, LLC, the parent company of PEAK Commercial and Industrial, which was founded more than 40 years ago. “We also found that, where other oils had failed, Q8Oils’ products were proving to be the solution to maximizing engine productivity and reliability. We are, therefore, confident that this partnership will be a great benefit to PEAK Commercial and Industrial, Q8Oils and our customers.”

The new stationary gas engine oil products will feature seven options for specific needs and will be marketed under the PEAK with Q8Oils Technology brand name:

• Navitus G1 is a high performance gas engine oil for applications where low ash or ashless oils are recommended. For use in both 2-Stroke and 4-Cycle applications.

• Navitus LA is a low ash gas engine oil suitable for a wide range of engines. It has well balanced performance characteristics and its TBN value is designed to control acid levels so that extended drain periods are possible.

• Navitus G5 is a low ash gas engine oil designed for engines that are sensitive to deposit formations. Its chemical composition includes highly effective dispersants, which reduce deposits and allows for extended drain intervals.

• Navitus G8 is a medium ash stationary gas engine oil for high-pressure engines running on aggressive gas. It has high TBN reserves to suppress the high levels of acid generated during the combustion process.

• Navitus G10 is a high ash gas engine oil with the same performance characteristics as Navitus Maxx but with an ash content of 1.0% that is still acceptable for many OEM requirements. It is recommended for applications with very aggressive and sour gases.

• Navitus HA is a medium ash variant of LA stationary gas engine oil for engines running on aggressive gas. It has excellent TBN reserves to suppress the high levels of acid generated during the combustion process and outstanding detergency.

• Navitus Maxx is a gas engine oil with a higher ash content designed for use with very aggressive and sour gases. Even under severe operating conditions, its’ very high TBN reserves will enable longer drain intervals.

Navitus Stationary Gas Engine Oil will be available from PEAK Commercial & Industrial by the second quarter of 2015.