OPW, a Dover company and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, has announced the release and availability of the new 14BP Nozzle, the final member of the 14 Series of cleaner-fueling nozzles introduced by OPW. The 14 Series fueling nozzles are designed to deliver the cleanest and greenest customer fueling experience in the industry. The 14BP nozzle uses the patented, free-draining and CARB-approved dripless-spout from the 14E ECO nozzle combined with technologies from the industry standard OPW 11BP to achieve a cleaner fueling experience without the cumbersome interlock required in some jurisdictions.

“The response to our new 14 Series nozzle family has been tremendous. With the latest addition of the 14BP nozzle, we are now able to offer customers a cleaner fueling experience for nearly any fueling location, from diesel to CARB and non-CARB gasoline fueling jurisdictions,” said Ed Kammerer, Director of Marketing and Global Product Strategy. The new 14BP nozzle allows retailers the ability to offer a cleaner fueling experience to stations in non-CARB jurisdictions since they are designed without the interlock that you see on the 14E ECO nozzle.”

The OPW 14 Series features free-draining, true dripless-spout technology for conventional gasoline fueling nozzles and patented diesel-capture spout technology for diesel nozzles. The products in this series, which all utilize Accu-Stop for to-the-penny flow control and a comfortable NEWGARD hand insulator, include:

  • OPW 14BP Dripless Gasoline Nozzle without Interlock
    • The newest addition to the lineup.
  • OPW CARB-Certified 14E ECO Dripless Gasoline Nozzle
    • This 14E CARB ECO (Enhanced Conventional) self-service nozzle is cULus-listed and features patented free-draining dripless-spout technology. The 14E is designed with an interlock to meet CARB requirements for dripless nozzles. This makes it the first CARB-approved conventional nozzle and the only true third-party-approved dripless conventional nozzle in the industry.
  • OPW 14C Diesel Capture Technology Nozzle
    • Safe, durable and easy to use, the 14C is cULus-listed for use with diesel fuels. Special features include a patented Environmental Drip Guard and integral Diesel Capture Chamber. The diesel-capture chamber allows for a cleaner nozzle handle by retrieving any diesel fuel that is still in the spout after fueling has been completed.

“The 14 Series represents one of the most unique cleaner-fueling innovations introduced since the invention of the automatic shutoff nozzle,” added Kammerer. “This series is truly defining what’s next for the future of fueling.”

For more information on OPW’s 14 Series family of nozzles, please visit OPWclean14.com.