OPW, a Dover company and a global leader in fluid handling solutions, is pleased to introduce its all-new Matador Composite Cover for use at petroleum retail operations, as well as commercial and industrial driveway applications.


“OPW engineered the Matador with next-generation composite technology to make it the lightest cover in the industry, and priced it to compete with any cover on the market,” said Wolfgang Sanyer, Product Specialist at OPW Retail Fueling. “Our goal with this composite cover is to help customers gain independence from heavy steel covers while retaining quality and reliability.”


OPW performed lab tests of its new Matador Composite Cover against three competitors, all of which meet the H-20 standard from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Testing the life performance for 25,000 cycles at the H-20 standard weight, the Matador Composite Cover far surpassed the durability of two top competitors and weighed 70% less than the third. The “Life Performance Testing” study demonstrates how the Matador maintains the integrity of its level surface (permanent set) through a lightweight and durable material.


Available in 37- and 42-inch options, the Matador Composite Cover is lightweight and water resistant. The flared skirt provides spacing around the sump lid equivalent to 39- and 44-inch covers. This flared design promotes maximum water percolation. Standout features include a painted steel frame, a stainless steel recessed lift handle and a polyethylene skirt with flair that prevents corrosion and rust. Additionally, an exterior tread pattern prevents the risk of back, foot and hand injuries.


“The response has been extremely positive as indicated by the volume of pre-orders,” added Sanyer. “The new Matador is a cost-effective cover that upholds the quality and reliability that the industry has come to trust from OPW.”


For more information on the new OPW Matador Composite Cover, please visit the OPW Matador site, contact your local OPW distributor or call OPW Customer Service at 800-422-2525.