February 8-11, 2021



Join your colleagues, business partners, customers and prospects at the OPIS Fuel Price and Profitability Outlook

2020 will be remembered as one of the most dynamic and chaotic years in fuel market history largely attributed to COVID-19. As we turn our attention to 2021 and beyond, the question remains … What happens next?

Leveraging on our network of expertise, OPIS is presenting a brand new virtual event where industry experts and colleagues gather to discuss and exchange perspectives to help you make informed business decisions.

Here’s just a sample of some of the unsurpassed content attendees will hear:

A Technical Outlook – What are Price Actions Telling Us?

Walter Zimmerman, VP & Chief Technical Strategist, ICAP

Preeminent technical analyst, and an OPIS attendee favorite, Walter Zimmerman will walk through the current price trends and what the price action is telling us. While many analysts will make price predictions based on the fundamentals, Zimmerman relies on historical price data and wave theory to determine where prices may be going next.


EVs and The Growing Electrification Trend

John Eichberger, Executive Director, The Fuels Institute

As a liquid fuel retailer, by putting an electric vehicle charger in my forecourt expediting my own demise? That may be a question retailers are asking themselves when weighing the potential to put an charger at their site. If retailers wait for customer adoption for EVs to reach critical mass, the move is likely to take decades. However, governments are forcing the issue with announced bans on internal combustion engine vehicles. Is there a first mover advantage? Fuels Institute Executive Director John Eichberger studies the numbers and the trends in liquid fuels as well as electrification of the fleet and will provide you a deep understanding of what’s next and why.


Beyond the Pandemic: Prospects and Challenges for the Global Economy

Sara Johnson, Executive Director – Global Economics, IHS Markit

The reopening of economies will gradually unleash a new wave of spending on travel and services, sending global real GDP to a new peak. Recovery timelines will vary across sectors and regions of the world, however, depending on the strains of rising public and private debt and diminishing fiscal stimulus. Price outlooks will reflect the cross-currents of resurgent industrial materials costs, slack labor markets, and excess supply in some markets. Join one of the industry’s most respected experts, Sara Johnson as she outlines what this means for you and your operations in 2021 and beyond.


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