Oklahoma fuel marketing and convenience store retailer OnCue Express announced plans to open three new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations in Oklahoma by the end of 2011. The new CNG fueling stations will be located at existing OnCue Express locations in the cities of Del City, Enid and Stillwater. Once completed, the three additional CNG fueling stations will bring OnCue Express’ total number of CNG fueling stations to 13, making the company the largest operator of CNG fueling stations in Oklahoma.

OnCue Express currently owns and operates fueling stations in Del City, Enid and Stillwater, but plans to add CNG access for bi-fuel or CNG dedicated fleet and passenger vehicles at each location. These new CNG fueling locations further increase accessibility to CNG in Oklahoma. In 2011, more than 15 new CNG fueling stations were announced to be opened across Oklahoma, many located near major state and interstate highways. By the end of 2012, Oklahoma is expected to have more than 70 publically accessible CNG stations, one of the largest market saturations in the country.

“As a local company, we are proud to support Oklahoma’s natural gas industry by opening new CNG fueling stations in the state,” said Jim Griffith, OnCue Express chief executive officer. “The economic and environmental benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel are well documented and our company believes that increasing CNG accessibility is the right thing to do for our customers and our country. We hope the addition of more CNG stations will continue to increase demand for this domestic fuel.”

In 2010, OnCue Express, in partnership with Chesapeake Energy Corporation, opened nine CNG fueling stations across Oklahoma. These stations, combined with commitments from other retailers, accelerated an infrastructure development that now enables Oklahomans to drive across the entire state in their bi-fuel or dedicated CNG vehicles.

“CNG is an affordable, clean-burning fuel, and more price stable than gasoline,” said Griffith. “OnCue Express’ CNG price has remained at $1.39 for the last 18 months while unleaded prices have fluctuated between $3 and $4 per gallon. This substantial price difference has incentivized businesses, schools, cities and individuals to convert their vehicles to CNG. These businesses and organizations that use a significant amount of fuel achieve a competitive advantage by converting to CNG. OnCue Express anticipates adding several CNG stations each year as we continue to identify demand.”

Oklahoma is leading the nation in both CNG supply and demand. Last month, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin further showcased the state’s leadership by partnering with the governors of Colorado, Wyoming and Pennsylvania, to announce an initiative to build market demand for CNG vehicles through state procurement to incentivize the development of an affordable OEM model. As a result of this new energy initiative, American auto manufacturers are expected to quicken development and production of CNG trucks and cars to meet the anticipated increase in demand.

“Each new CNG fueling station in Oklahoma represents an endorsement for using one of our most treasured natural resources in Oklahoma – natural gas – to meet our domestic energy needs,” declared Oklahoma Secretary of Energy Michael Ming. “We are fortunate several Oklahoma fuel retailers embraced using natural gas as a transportation fuel so quickly. OnCue Express has definitely been one of the early adopters and has led the effort. Natural gas drives our economy in Oklahoma, and anything we can do to spur increased usage helps Oklahoma and Oklahomans prosper. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Fallin, Oklahoma is an example to Washington of how we can achieve our most sought-after energy goals on the national stage and reduce our dependence on OPEC oil.”

OnCue Express is a chain of convenience stores located throughout Oklahoma, as well as one store in Kansas. This chain of stores is operated by OnCue Marketing, L.L.C., which also manages several in- store restaurants. The company is committed to providing clean, safe facilities, premium quality gasoline and CNG fuel, and a full range of convenience store food and beverage products.