Gilbarco Veeder-Root announced it has extended its industry-leading Insite360 cloud-based remote management platform to include Encore® dispensers.

Using cloud connectivity to gather insights on each aspect of the fuel-related portion of the business is essential to lowering cost of ownership and improving uptime. This is why Gilbarco Veeder-Root is bringing significant capability to its Insite360 platform by introducing Insite360 Encore to remotely manage dispensers, adding to its existing FuelQuest and Passport® Insite360 solutions. Insite360 Encore allows owners to maintain and monitor their forecourt activity, implement remote fixes, identify asset changes, generate compliance reports, and increase security.

The ability to access, diagnose and repair a dispenser remotely can have a significant effect on profitability. The latter is especially true, given 30 percent of pump failure issues are common and can be corrected in minutes. The result is increased uptime and the preclusion of an expensive service call. Further, c-store operators can detect problems in advance and thereby keep equipment operating at a high-performance level, continually.

“Because the Insite360 solution has been successful in monitoring underground tanks through FuelQuest and in-store activity through Passport, it only made sense to provide c-store owners the power to monitor their forecourts as well,” said Mark Williams, Vice President of Marketing. “We understand that in order to make better business decisions, retailers need to have more control and visibility to their equipment. That is why we have extended the cloud-based platform to Encore dispensers. We see many retailers electing to take advantage of these remote management capabilities as they upgrade for EMVTM, leveraging the high-speed connectivity.”

Insite360 is a cloud-based solution that governs a suite of Gilbarco Veeder-Root products: Passport® Point-of-Sale, Encore Dispenser and FuelQuest. All are designed to provide c-store owners and fuel merchants with increased profits through actionable insights that can be leveraged to enhance efficiency. Passport’s dashboard and portal enable owner/operators to monitor, configure and control their point-of-sale system, from anywhere, at any time, to adjust fuel prices, upload reports, facilitate counter merchandising media, close store reports and more. FuelQuest helps c-stores buy, deliver, store, manage and dispense fuel more efficiently and profitably. Encore is the third product in the suite governed through Insite360 which allows c-stores to troubleshoot and resolve dispenser issues remotely to maximize uptime and enhance the customer experience.

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