Husky Corporation has introduced a new version of its highly successful “X” family of nozzles for safe and economical dispensing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The X DEF Nozzle contains all of the model’s standard functionality and features, coupled with components compatible with dispensing urea-based DEF, which can be corrosive to aluminum and other materials.

The X DEF Nozzle contains 100 percent ISO-recognized DEF-compatible components including Stainless Steel spout, polymers and O-ring materials. The nozzle contains an automatic shut-off feature, Husky’s Streamshaper® to reduce splash back, a three-notch hold open clip lever, and a plastic handguard design. Even with those features the X DEF is lighter and less expensive than comparable DEF nozzles.

“Many DEF nozzles can be quite expensive because of the materials required to handle it. But we have found a way to bridge the gap with a fully functional version of Husky’s most popular nozzle that reduces the cost to dispense DEF,” said Husky Corporation Product Engineer Roger Wiersma.

The Husky X DEF nozzle is made with UL recognized components. It is offered with three-quarter NPT or BSPP thread. It is ideal for retail outlets and commercial customers including vehicle dealerships, repair shops, oil change facilities, fleet-service centers and other locations that regularly dispense DEF from bulk tanks or above ground storage systems.

To learn more about the X DEF Nozzle and all the other Husky Corporation Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensing products call the company toll-free 800-325-3558.