Compliance Safe, a software service that manages the permit, license and certification renewal process provides essential benefits during the COVID-19 crisis. With the disruption COVID-19 has caused to both businesses and government services it is easy for upcoming licenses and certification renewals to fall through the cracks. Compliance Safe eases the burden for retailers through automated reminders to keep them up-to-date.

“StrasGlobal has been utilizing Compliance Safe to manage our compliance permits and certifications since 2018; while many regulatory agencies and jurisdictions are closed and renewal notices are not being received, or even issued, during this COVID-19 crisis, Compliance Safe has been a god-send,” said StrasGlobal Permits & Licenses Co-ordinator Chloe Noonan. “All our permits and licenses were already filed in Compliance Safe with their renewal dates, so we can proactively manage compliance for all our sites instead of waiting to hear from regulatory field offices in the weeks and months ahead.”

Cloud storage of all compliance materials provides authorized employees easy, secure electronic access to all documents necessary to provide proof of compliance.  “Our customers find Compliance Safe particularly beneficial now when staff is dispersed, working from home or on unexpected leave. The Compliance Safe online sharing platform facilitates 24/7 access to documents for any needed automated communication with suppliers, vendors, regulatory inspectors and financial institutions,” said Compliance Safe Business Development Director Gerry Gabel.

“There is no doubt that new sanitation and health safety regulations will soon be established as a result of COVID-19,” said Roy Strasburger, president of StrasGlobal. “We see Compliance Safe as an invaluable tool to quickly adapt in order to assure compliance with the new regulations.”

The company is offering a 30-day free trial so users can experience the benefits first-hand. For details interested parties can contact Gerry Gabel at (254) 230-0036 or [email protected].