The California Air Resource Board (CARB) announced on July 20, 2017, that it has certified a biodiesel additive that will make B20 blends in California the cleanest proven and tested diesel fuel with the lowest emissions profile available anywhere in the U.S.


“Biodiesel has been a key to help California meet its intense carbon reduction goals. With this announcement, America’s advanced biofuel will continue to deliver a cleaner-burning, American-made alternative under the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS),” said Donnell Rehagen, National Biodiesel Board (NBB) CEO. “Biodiesel will gladly take the role as the cleanest certified diesel fuel available.”


The additive takes already clean-burning biodiesel and ensures it reduces every measurable regulated emission, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), when blended with California’s unique diesel formulation called CARB diesel. NBB led the initial research and development into the additive to maintain biodiesel’s competitive advantage under the state’s LCFS.


Branded VESTA™1000, the CARB-certified additive ensures compliance with the January 1, 2018, implementation of CARB’s Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation. A 20% blend of biodiesel with VESTA™ 1000 reduced NOx by 1.9% and particulate matter by 18% compared to CARB diesel fuel. California Fueling, LLC will produce the formula, and Pacific Fuel Resource, LLC will deliver the product to market. The two companies will work cooperatively with NBB members as well as those in the California fuel community to support the ongoing use of biodiesel diesel blends up to B20.


“This impressive NBB-led effort, over the course of the past 18 months, has resulted in a first-of-a-kind CARB approval, which enables biodiesel to be the renewable fuel of choice to meet California’s stringent LCFS carbon reduction requirements,” said Pat McDuff, President, California Fueling, LLC.


“As a result of this effort, biodiesel will continue to play a major role in helping Californians meet their renewable energy and clean air goals,” said Paul Nazzaro, President, Pacific Fuel Resource, LLC. “By increasing biodiesel use up to a B20 blend, estimated to be an additional 600 million gallons of cleaner-burning biodiesel annually, California can now achieve its goals under the LCFS.”


For information about VESTA™1000, valuation, additive access, purchasing and market development, please Contact Paul Nazzaro at 978-438-6090 or


NBB is the U.S. trade association representing the entire biodiesel value chain, including producers, feedstock suppliers and fuel distributors, as well as the U.S. renewable diesel industry.