Just 15% of fuel retailers, fuel distributors/wholesalers and major oil firms surveyed by Conexxus indicated that they have fully deployed EMV-compliant payment systems at their fuel pumps, according to a new Conexxus survey of retailer readiness for the EMV liability shift for automated fueling dispensers (AFD).

The survey is a follow-up to a 2019 Conexxus EMV survey, which found the vast majority of sites were fully in-store EMV operational (86%), while only 14% of sites were fully EMV operational on the fuel island. Conexxus shortened the 2020 survey to focus only on outdoor EMV, including contact (when the card is inserted in the reader) and contactless payment.

Conexxus fielded the survey from February 27 to March 31, 2020, before the major credit card companies this spring agreed to delay the AFD liability shift date to April 16 or 17, 2021, from the October 2020 deadline. All survey responses still assumed the October date. As a result, Conexxus plans a follow-up survey in the fall.

Conexxus surveyed a cross section of major oils, fuel distributors/wholesalers and company owned/retail site operators. Only respondents who own and operate sites in the U.S. that sell fuel were included. In total, 91 unique completed surveys were received, representing 16,095 retail sites.

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