MyTankInfo, which delivers fuel management and fuel site monitoring solutions to the commercial and retail petroleum marketplace, offers a cloud-based, hardware-enabled connectivity option that protects fuel site operators from data breaches while providing seamless access to fuel inventory information.

Recent research completed by Rapid7, an IT security firm, indicates that over 5,300 tank gauges at U.S. fuel sites are vulnerable to remote hacks due to fetch/polling communication processes that require an open firewall port. MyTankInfo’s cost-effective connectivity hardware prevents data breaches by utilizing a one-way communication path.

“Because MyTankInfo’s cloud-based connectivity solution does not host inbound communication requests, hackers cannot breach the system,” said Michael Buck, Vice President of MyTankInfo. “And, unlike other systems, it does not require users to configure password-protected VPN gateways, which is a step that can easily be overlooked.”

Advantages of MyTankInfo’s secure, cloud-based hardware-enabled solution include:

• Relies on “Push” method instead of “Fetch/Polling” method to transmit inventory data
• Eliminates the need to poke holes in firewalls in order to poll an ATG, effectively preserving the security of your network
• Unlike a VPN gateway, the MyTankInfo solution does not require end users to configure their device’s security
• Eliminates costly IT requirements
• Fax modem, RS-232 serial or an IP card provide ATG connectivity flexibility
• Cloud-based application enables users to access inventory data, wherever an Internet connection is available
• Hardware is cellular-enabled, providing Internet connectivity to remote locations where an Ethernet connection is not available

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