FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of commercial payment solutions, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Motus, a leader in mobile workforce reimbursement solutions. Through the agreement, Motus will integrate FLEETCOR’s fuel card solution with its cloud-based enterprise reimbursement platform.

Motus serves companies with mobile workers, including those who use their personal vehicles for business purposes, a market segment often referred to as the ‘grey fleet.’  Motus provides its customers with a sophisticated, accurate reimbursement platform, operated primarily through a mobile app, which automates mileage tracking, calculates personalized reimbursements or personal use chargebacks, submits reimbursement reports and creates mileage logs. This allows customers to reimburse their mobile workers at rates below standard cents-per-mile calculations, creating significant cost-savings.

Prior to the partnership, these mobile workers would use personal payment methods, such as their own credit card, to pay for business-related expenses and then be reimbursed after the Motus platform calculated the appropriate reimbursement amount.  Now these workers will be able to use FLEETCOR’s fuel card solution to pay their fuel and related business expenses instead of using their personal payment card.  Additionally, the partnership provides Motus customers access to FLEETCOR’s fuel discounts, real-time price reporting and security benefits, among other advantages.

The partnership with Motus provides FLEETCOR with access to the non-traditional ‘grey fleet’ market with an integrated payment and reimbursement solution, and creates opportunities for the company to increase its share of wallet from its existing fuel card clients.

“We’re thrilled to be selected by Motus as their partner-of-choice for fuel card integration,” said Ron Clarke, FLEETCOR Chairman and CEO. “As businesses of all sizes continue using grey fleets more often, the need for integrating workforce payments will become more critical and this partnership gives FLEETCOR an opportunity to capture that growth opportunity.”

“As part of our ongoing commitment to make work life better for mobile employees, we’re excited to partner with FLEETCOR to offer an integrated fuel card solution to the growing number of grey fleet drivers using the Motus App to capture and receive remuneration for their business mileage expenses,” said Craig Powell, Motus President and Chief Executive Officer. “Employers should empower their mobile employees with tools that eliminate any concerns over accurate reimbursement and allow them to focus on their work.  By integrating with FLEETCOR’s fuel card solution, we’re simplifying life on the road for our end users and saving their employers money in the long-run.”