To better capitalize on its long-term license for the 76® brand, Motiva Enterprises LLC announced today the formation of its new 76® sales and marketing team. The new team, which is a part of Motiva’s fuels, sales and marketing organization, will establish the go-to-market commercial strategy for the 76® brand in Motiva’s operating geography, which includes 26 gulf and east coast states and Washington D.C.

The relationship with Phillips 66 on the 76® brand, complements Motiva’s long-standing relationship with Shell and the Shell brand and expands Motiva’s portfolio to meet the needs of its wholesalers. Motiva sells its fuel exclusively through a series of distributors and marketers.

“Motiva has been incredibly successful at marketing the Shell brand, and Shell is now the number-one or number-two brand in 13 of our 26 states,” said Bill Spurgeon, Motiva vice president of fuels, sales & marketing. “Now, with the 76® brand, we have another great fuel option for wholesalers who like what Motiva provides as a supplier.”

Currently, 76® sells its TOP TIER® gas at more than 1,800 retail locations primarily on the west coast. Working with Phillips 66, Motiva plans to leverage the current 76® brand positioning and marketing plans that fit best into Motiva’s geography.

“We are excited to bring the iconic 76® brand back to the gulf and east coast markets,” said Gita Gidwani, Motiva’s 76 brand manager. “Many wholesalers still have a fondness for the 76® brand and the unique 76 antennae ball, which dates back to 1967.”

In advance of the official January 2017 launch, the new Motiva 76® sales and marketing team will target a selective group of high-quality wholesalers, who are growth oriented and will support the brand, to begin discussions of introducing the 76® brand into key markets on the gulf and east coasts.

“We are focused on delivering value to our wholesalers. We know the support and tools they need to be successful – from superior reliability and real-time information to branding and marketing programs that are compelling to consumers,” said Paul McWhirter, Motiva 76 branded sales manager. “Through the 76® brand, Motiva is offering another exciting branding option to our wholesalers all underpinned by the same world class refining & distribution system.”

Wholesalers interested in distributing 76® branded gas in the Motiva territory should contact Paul McWhirter at (713)560-1492.