Ace Tank/Source North America Mobile Fueling Solution

Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment’s Ace FuelSafe® Trailer Systems, available through Source North America Corporation, enable the safe storage and mobile supply of up to 1,500 gallons of fuel via custom manufactured tank-and-trailer systems. Ace’s portable boiler and generator supply and return systems provide a reliable and durable solution for companies that need to supply fuel to stationary or mobile emergency power generation systems. Ace FuelSafe® also offers portable dispensing systems that enable cost-effective and convenient on-site refueling of jobsite vehicles, mobile aviation fuel delivery and bulk refueling in remote locations with limited access. Ace Tank’s FuelSafe® custom trailer systems are engineered to be as “turnkey” as possible with fill components, vents, gauges, etc., mounted and plumbed during fabrication. The towable fuel tanks are developed in close consultation with the client to ensure that the mobile fuel solution works for the exact needs of their application.
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KleerBlue DEF Replenishment

Are your customers requesting DEF fueling alongside diesel deliveries? KleerBlue offers a wide selection of onsite DEF fueling equipment solutions that are weights and measures approved. From compact handcarts to portable delivery skids, KleerBlue has everything you need to meet customer demands. KleerBlue’s 4×4 Portable Delivery Skids can be loaded in a box truck or trailer with totes or a tank. They are gasoline or electric powered and offer flow rates of up to 72 GPM. KleerBlue’s 2-Wheeled Portable Carts are available in a wide variety of configurations. These durable carts are designed to pull DEF from totes or tanks to fill customers’ containers at flow rates up to 28 GPM and/or fill vehicle or equipment DEF tanks directly.
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Dennis K. Burke

Dennis K. Burke can provide mobile fueling at your location on a schedule that works for you. Our fleet is dispatched and operated with GPS monitored units, and we run 24/7 so we can accommodate any scheduling or emergency fueling needs for your units or generators. Our touch fueling program is asset based with a barcode system so you can receive asset reporting nightly, and your invoices are broken out in a detailed and easy to read format. Additionally, you will receive nightly pricing alerts for greater transparency and cost management. Our generator mobile fueling can be done on a contractual basis, or a remote monitoring basis, depending on your company’s specific needs.
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