Mastermind Marketing, a leading involvement marketing agency developed and executed a YouTube Influencer Marketing campaign through Technology and Automotive channels for the Exxon™Mobil™ Speedpass+™ app. The campaign has generated almost 1 million user engagements, substantial traffic to campaign landing pages, as well as App Store™ and Google Play™ downloads to date.

The campaign was aimed at raising awareness of the features and benefits of the app including being able to pay at the pump, and also apply for the ExxonMobil™ Smart Card (which is fully integrated within the app). Carefully curated influencers with YouTube Technology and Automotive channels were selected to reach early adopters and automotive enthusiasts. Each selected influencer talked about the benefits and key features of the app and an actual demonstration at the pump.

The Exxon™Mobil™ Speedpass+™ app appeared on the screen when the app was discussed/demonstrated, and each influencer invited consumers to visit their custom landing page to see other special offers and benefits of the card and app. To date, the program has generated approximately one million consumer engagements, significant traffic to each of the custom influencer landing pages, and a sizeable number of app downloads and card applications. This has produced significant positive results at the pump that will continue to grow since the influencer content is evergreen (always there).

Mastermind developed all aspects of the Exxon™Mobil™ Speedpass+™ app campaign including planning, influencer sourcing and activation, influencer agreements/legal approvals, content/creative development, production coordination and supervision of Influencer references to the app/card, landing page design and development, result tracking, and the ROI model development.

Daniel Dodson, CEO of Mastermind stated, “The Exxon™Mobil™ Speedpass+™ app is truly an innovative and useful tool for anyone that drives a car. Its features and benefits are best communicated by seeing an actual demonstration by one of the trusted sources like the Influencers selected. The Influencer Marketing program that we developed and executed proved highly effective at demonstrating the features & benefits, and also obtaining consumer adoption. Curating and activating groups of content-relevant Influencers with engaged subscriber bases are key ingredients for successful campaigns like this.” In addition to automotive and technology, Mastermind has developed successful Influencer campaigns for other verticals including home improvement, agriculture, healthcare, pets, consumer packaged goods and a host of others.

“We look at Influencer Marketing three ways. 1. Paid – where we activate the right influencers and compensate them for integrating our client’s brand. 2. Earned – where we provide influencers with exclusive content, access, and inside perspectives for them to include in the content they distribute. 3. Owned – empowering employees, dealers, distributors, and franchisees to share content on their personal social channels – this requires specific corporate guideline development, training, and vetted content libraries. Each can be hugely successful in the right environment,” stated Michael Gelfond, EVP of Mastermind.