Martins Industries, a Canadian tire equipment manufacturer, has announced the launch of a new handheld automatic digital tire inflator. The device is the latest development in Martins’ line of tire inflation technology and has been specially designed to enhance the mobility and productivity of its users.

Of the handheld device, Martin Depelteau, President of Martins Industries, said that “once the user will set its preferable pressures, it will only require a touch of a button to repeat the inflation cycles,” allowing mechanics to deliver consistent and reliable results with every inflation.

The new handheld automatic digital tire inflator:

  • Allows users to inflate the tires of cars, trucks, tractors, military vehicles and airplanes to a pre-programmed and easily measurable level of pressure.
  • Lasts for up to 500 inflation cycles on one battery charge, making it a highly mobile and convenient solution for safe and reliable tire inflation needs.

About Martins Industries: Martins Industries designs and manufactures tire equipment to store, handle, inflate and display tires and wheels. They have distribution centres in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and U.A.E., as well as manufacturing facilities in Canada and China. Visit for more information.