MAPCO recently partnered with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to install the Impulse upselling platform across 220 sites by the end of 2014. MAPCO, which operates 375 stores in the southeast, is using the Impulse platform to drive dynamic digital content at both the point of sale and through their mobile application.

“We saw Impulse increase in-store sales by over 2.5%, which was a key factor in our decision to implement Gilbarco’s upselling platform,” said Austin Martin, vice president of sales and merchandising, MAPCO. “We are also excited about Impulse’s ability to interact with consumers at multiple touch points, which allows us to engage our consumers by sending customized offers directly to their mobile phone.”

Gilbarco has added significant functionality to the Impulse on-the counter upselling screen over the past year. Impulse Everywhere is a cloud-based engine that helps retailers manage their complete customer communications. Gilbarco has also added location-based services, enabling retailers to geo-target consumers through proximity marketing technology. This gives a retailer the capability to segment their customers and automatically send a targeted promotion based on location.

“It’s been great to work with a forward-thinking retailer like MAPCO,” said Travis Bouck, vice president of marketing, Gilbarco North America. “Impulse continues to bring innovative upselling capabilities to the table, and combined with MAPCO’s other strong marketing capabilities, you have a real competitive advantage.”

Impulse is an upselling platform from Gilbarco and their software provider Odysii that integrates with the point of sale system to deliver targeted recommendations via an additional touch screen at the point of sale. The Impulse platform goes beyond upselling to include capabilities such as surveys, basic loyalty, and interactive games at the register. Retailers using the system report sizeable increases in average basket size and targeted private label products. Impulse delivers improved sales through a unique, accurate prediction of the most probable upsell opportunity. Unlike competing systems, Impulse analyzes numerous variables and improves over time, rather than just looking at the last scanned item.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root will feature Impulse at the NACS Show in Las Vegas from October 7-10 in booth #5621.