Mansfield Energy Corp, a leading North American energy supply and logistics provider, announced its participation in the Fuel Quality Council (FQC) to address the growing questions around why diesel fuel injectors, filters and other engine parts in modern diesel engines are breaking down with seemingly greater frequency. The FQC was formed by The Fuels Institute to support cross-industry collaboration to address the issues surrounding diesel engines. “As a founding member of the Fuel Quality Council, Mansfield is committed to supporting the goals of this organization,” explains Andy Austin, SVP Specialty Products for Mansfield Energy.” TheFuel Quality Council brings together key industry leaders with a common goal to share knowledge, evaluate data, and seek greater understanding of the existing challenges and possible solutions available in the heavy-duty market.” The Fuel Quality Council is currently collecting engine maintenance data and analyzing fuel samples to better understand the scope and nature of the issue.

One contributing factor to diminished fuel quality is the condition of fuel storage tanks found in companies’ backyards. Changes to U.S. fuel standards over the past fifteen years have resulted in greater fuel storage contamination. Water found in fuel storage tanks can become a breeding ground for bacteria and microbial growth which impacts fuel quality. This leads to risk of storage tank corrosion, injector plugging, reduced fuel economy and increased filter failures. Austin continues, “The Fuel Quality Council is committed to understanding the demands of today’s modern heavy duty engines and the fuel management activities required to keep them running properly.”