Liquid Controls, LLC proudly introduces the new ON THE GO WiFi Adapter and Mobile App, allowing wireless control of LectrocountÒ LCR-II and LCR600 registers using a smart phone or tablet.


The Liquid Controls ON THE GO WiFi Adapter can be used with the free LC-ON THE GO WiFi App to control basic functions of LCR-II or LCR600 electronic registers. Each WiFi adapter can be assigned a custom SSID and password. A separate power supply is not required.


The free LC-ON THE GO WiFi App is available for Android or iPhone. Both single meter and dual meter systems are supported. Operators can now start and stop manual deliveries, do preset deliveries and print delivery tickets, all from their existing smart phone. The app allows operators to select the meter and product to be delivered from their phone.


Liquid Controls is the global market leader in precision measuring systems providing highly engineered and differentiated products used in custody transfer of highly valuable refined fuels and liquids. From its start in 1956, Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high-quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in custody transfer applications.


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