Kalibrate, a leader in global fuel and convenience retail, is proud to announce the release of Kalibrate Cloud 2.0, the fully integrated and personalized management platform for all aspects of fuel retail pricing and planning. Pricing Cloud, Location Cloud and Market Intel Cloud modules are available separately or as an integrated offering.

Kalibrate Cloud 2.0 builds on the company’s broader platform which combines consultative industry expertise and technology solutions for the most appropriate custom business strategy for each client. New 2.0 features respond to market changes that now challenge fuel and convenience retailers.

Pricing Cloud and Location Cloud enable closer integration of pricing practices and location insights, an emerging area of retailer sophistication. Enhanced rich predictive and prescriptive analytics enable dynamic management of the fuel and convenience retail environment, all powered by the world’s largest verified industry dataset. Market Intel Cloud gives clients access to Kalibrate’s unmatched database of global demographics, traffic and retail attributes for more than 100,000 retail sites in 445 markets.

Analysts and planners can develop workspaces that reflect their own processes and analytic requirements while also sharing insights across functions. These daily practices and longer-range planning are supported by the ability to access all market and pricing intelligence from one integrated data warehouse.

The solution platform provides flexible data warehousing, business intelligence, personalized dashboards and integrated analytics that enable users to drive fuel and convenience retail management knowledge from pricing data, volumetrics, costs, network data and third party systems. Kalibrate Cloud 2.0 also includes enhanced loyalty and event management, data visualization capabilities, social media integration, workflow management and enhanced dealer pricing management.

Additional features:

• Cloud subscribers get access to Kalibrate University, a seamless and integrated contact point for training, consultative support, and industry intelligence.
• Kalibrate Mobile enables secure delivery for users on the go.
• Kalibrate Connect, a flexible middleware platform, provides out-of-the-box integration capability with POS platforms globally; enables enterprise scale implementations across thousands of sites in multiple countries delivering millions of prices.

Demos of Kalibrate Cloud 2.0 Pricing and Location modules are available by contacting:

EMEA, Asia Pacific & Japan: Mark Hawtin, EVP Sales mark.hawtin@kalibrate.com
Americas: Douglas Henderson, SVP Sales douglas.henderson@kalibrate.com