Invenco, a global provider of revolutionary self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement solutions, has been awarded bronze recognition in the New Zealand’s Best Design Awards 2020 for their G6-300 Pay-at-Pump Terminal. Hosted by the Designers Institute of New Zealand, their website describes the annual awards as “a showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, digital and motion design”. There are nine major categories in the family of awards, with Invenco’s submission for the G6-300 being in the Product category under Non-Consumer Products.

Invenco’s G6-300 Pay-at-Pump terminal was engineered from the ground-up to improve customer experience and encourage engagement on the forecourt. The “All-in-One” Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) features a compact design which retrofits into a site’s existing pumps. G6-300 OPTs are EMV compliant and come with contactless (or “tap”) payment capabilities at no extra cost. The screen on the G6-300 is ruggedized to withstand an outdoor environment while having a display that is vivid and engaging. There are currently over 10,000 G6 OPTs installed globally, with a growing customer base citing the robust functionality, quality of design and high value provided for a low cost.

John Scott, CEO of Invenco, notes “we are honored to have Invenco’s G6-300 Pay-at-Pump terminal recognized by the New Zealand Best Design Awards. The amount of time and effort put into product design and development at Invenco is one that deserves to be recognized and I am excited to have been given that recognition by such a prominent organization in New Zealand”. Invenco’s employee base is engineer-heavy, with a team that relies on extensive testing and continuous development to offer forward-thinking products and smart solutions to the global retail fuel market. The result is a payment terminal experience that is engaging, secure and fast for the customer, while being easy to implement, manage and drive revenue from for site owners.

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