Invenco®, a global provider of self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement solutions, announces that they are installing EMV pay-at-pump retrofit kits based on the recently enacted Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal 1.0 Protocol. The protocol was developed to simplify the communication between EMV pay-at-pump terminals and inside store systems. It also helps to reduce the complexity and cost associated with certifications to maintain EMV payment systems, which are required more frequently than previous magnetic stripe solutions.

Invenco and Conexxus have been long aligned in advocating for a standard, open communication interface between store systems, including forecourt and payment systems. By implementing a standard of communication, the ability for retailers to implement new operational strategies becomes significantly faster and easier. As more solutions enter the market, competition among providers drives innovative offerings while deflating pricing and retailers end up the ultimate beneficiary. With the April 2021 EMV deadline quickly approaching, the Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal 1.0 Protocol becomes increasingly important as retailers look outside of proprietary solutions to meet the deadline more quickly and economically over the lifetime of the investment.

To date, Invenco has installed EMV pay-at-pump retrofits with several retailers using various store systems leveraging the Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal 1.0 Protocol. These implementations enabled a fast (around an hour per pump) and cost-effective upgrade to outdoor EMV, especially as the Conexxus protocol will be used with the Invenco-i2 offering, which gets retailers to outdoor EMV for a small up-front installation fee followed by a monthly rental contract from $120 per pump per month. In addition, the standardized communication protocol in combination with an open platform system positions these sites for easier implementations of future enhanced digital capabilities.

Dan Harrell, Chief Innovation Officer of Invenco, Chair of the Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal Working Group and Co-Chair of the Conexxus Forecourt Device Controller Working Group, worked collaboratively with a cross-vendor team on the creation and adoption of the Conexxus Forecourt Payment Terminal 1.0 Protocol. He notes, “having a standard of communication between forecourt systems and the Point of Sale is essential in driving the lowest possible industry costs as well as positioning fuel retail for future innovation and digital transformation efforts. Invenco and Conexxus have a long-standing partnership and we are proud to demonstrate our commitment open standards and APIs by offering it on all the Invenco EMV pay-at-pump product offerings.”

Invenco’s family of Outdoor Payment Terminals are built on an open platform architecture that combines EMV technology with the latest pay-at-pump features. Invenco encourages retailers to engage with Conexxus to learn more about standard protocols and open APIs, and to encourage their technology providers and associated brands to implement and encourage a standard-based open market.


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