As noted previously, PMAA  NACS, NATSO and SIGMA sent letters requesting a delay  waiver for the summertime RVP fuel requirements. That appeal has been accepted.

EPA acknowledged the demand destruction that is impeding the turnover of winter fuel stocks. Specifically Dan Brouillette, Secretary of Energy, stated in THIS notification: “The EPA, in consultation with DOE, has evaluated the impact of disruption of the fuel production and distribution system on fuel supply throughout the United States. Based on this evaluation, the EPA has determined, and DOE concurs, that it is necessary to take the following action to minimize or prevent further disruption of an adequate supply of gasoline to consumers.

“I am issuing this waiver of all low volatility gasoline requirements and RFG requirements in any federally-enforceable SIP that apply to terminal owners, terminal operators, distributors, carriers, retailers and wholesale purchaser consumers to minimize or prevent problems with the supply of gasoline.”

Refiners till have to stop production of higher-volitility winter grade fuel after May 1, 2020. Nor can they add butane to to previously certified conventional gasoline if the butane would cause the gasoline to exceed the applicable summer gasoline volatility standards. However, the waiver allows winter fuel already in storage or in the downstream supply chain to move though the system into terminals then into retail and ultimately customers’ tanks until the stored product is exhausted.