IGEN Fuels, LLC. One of the leading software developers for the motor fuel taxation space, has added Delta Air Lines to its client portfolio.   Delta is utilizing IGEN’s tax compliance and matching technology to improve management of excise tax filing and data needs.

“Leaders in all areas of transportation are realizing the importance of accurate data,” says Scott Kraft, general manager of IGEN.  “As organizations continue to have regulatory obligations and look to become more efficient, our technology becomes more of a necessity to the airline space.”

IGEN’s tax compliance solutions allow the organization to file mandatory tax compliance reports electronically and more quickly.  The tools give the user a transparent look at the source of taxation needs freeing up staff to work on filing issues rather than searching for necessary data.

In addition, the latest version of IGEN’s base product is designed to adapt to ever changing filing requirements with state and federal jurisdictions.  Kraft continues that IGEN regularly communicates with these jurisdictions to ensure its technology is in pace with trends and ready to changes within the industry.  “Our primary objective is to develop and nurture relationships where all parties benefit from our technology advances,” he says. “Whether it is a need from the industry or a governmental change, we want to be at the forefront of the discussion.”

At its core, IGEN provides data translation solutions with a primary focus in motor fuel taxation reporting.  Through its suite of solutions, users can automate jurisdiction reporting processes, reducing time and increasing reporting accuracy. In addition, IGEN’s tools can be utilized for data matching and inventory reconciliation processing.  To learn more about IGEN and the opportunities available, visit www.igentax.com.