Hydro, a world leader in developing standard-setting chemical-dispensing and dosing solutions for the facility cleaning, janitorial/sanitation, laundry, kitchen, animal health, vehicle wash, horticulture, laundromat and industrial markets, is pleased to announce the development of its new HydroMinder HP chemical-dilution system for use in tunnel and in-bay vehicle wash systems.

Building off the design and 30-year history of success of Hydro’s HydroMinder float-based chemical-dilution system, the HydroMinder HP is our first “high pressure” (hence, the “HP” in the name) chemical-proportioning system. The venturi-injector-based, multi-channel design enables the HydroMinder HP to deliver premier chemical-dilution accuracy. HydroMinder HP’s chemical-dilution performance is 11% more accurate on average compared to competitive systems on the market today.

A typical HydroMinder HP system features five or seven single-sized coaxial valves per panel and a variety of injector assemblies with flow rates ranging from 0.75 to 12 gallons per minute (GPM). The standout benefit of this multi-valve design is that the HydroMinder HP essentially never needs to be shut down in order to change valves or change out chemicals. This means less wash downtime, resulting in higher and more consistent throughput rates, which is a crucial advantage on busy wash days.

Other features and benefits of the HydroMinder HP system include:

  • Back panel, valve bodies, valve manifold and manifold fascia constructed of 11-gauge stainless steel, making them resistant to corrosion, which extends service life
  • Self-priming floor-mounted pump that features stainless steel housing and impellers that has a capacity of 20 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Metering tips that allow for consistent disbursement of chemical dosages, reducing the need for continuous adjustment
  • Kynar® composite injectors are designed for maximum chemical compatibility and deliver reliability, longevity and reduced maintenance,
  • Ability to work with most common trigger voltages, including 24 VAC, 24 VDC and 110 VAC
  • Compact footprint that reduces space requirements in cluttered backrooms

To learn more about the HydroMinder HP or any of Hydro’s other chemical-dispensing and dosing products and systems, please visit https://www.hydrosystemsco.com/products/hydrominder-hp.html.