Thorntons has unveiled a new station in the Chicago area introducing Thorntons branded E15 fueling option, known as Unleaded15, as well as E85. Sen. Bill Cunningham made an appearance at the Thorntons retail location in Oak Lawn, Illinois to celebrate the newly opened store. Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO, issued the following statement:

“We congratulate Thorntons on their work to expand consumer choice at the pump to their customers and we are proud to partner with them through the Prime the Pump initiative. We are equally thankful to Sen. Cunningham for taking the time to highlight the importance of renewable fuels and for his work to help Illinois consumers get access to E15.

“Ethanol is an American success story that’s giving consumers a choice at the pump for a cleaner, higher-octane, less expensive and homegrown fuel. We commend Thorntons for bringing more fuel options such as E15 and E85 to consumers who are demanding higher performing, lower cost fueling options.”

Growth Energy has worked directly with independent retail chains and Prime the Pump, an organization founded by American ethanol producers to help retailers build out the necessary infrastructure and increase market access of higher blends of ethanol to consumers across the country.