Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a Vontier Corporation business and the global leader in fueling and convenience store technologies, and Digital Mosaic, a privately held car wash technology company, announced today a partnership to sell and promote mobile and at-pump solutions for car wash single sale and subscription programs in North America.

Mosaic-at-the-Pump is an application that promotes subscription car washes using engaging media at the fuel pump, the most effective place to sell a car wash. Consumers are enticed by eye-catching marketing content to download the Mosaic mobile application. When a guest is ready to wash their car, they drive to the car wash entrance, follow directions via an automated prompt on their phone and the car wash terminal activates automatically – no staff interaction necessary.

Mosaic and Mosaic-at-the-Pump capture car wash consumers at over twice the daily rate of traditional subscription programs. Additionally, this technology has demonstrated higher retention rates than traditional subscription programs, with less than 6% of subscribers cancelling after 60 days.

Until now, the process to join a car wash subscription program has been time consuming and inconvenient, with many retailers requiring their customers to wait in-store for a cashier to sign them up and install a tag in their vehicle.

Under pressure to deliver a faster, more convenient experience, retailers are seeking solutions that can launch or grow subscription car wash programs with little upfront hardware or staffing expenses. Mosaic’s technology integrates quickly and seamlessly into car wash infrastructure. Mosaic-at-the-Pump is a prime example of how the Encore Experience open applications platform allows retailers to enhance the customer experience and drive non-fuel sales.

“We are excited about our partnership with Mosaic because we believe this technology is the future of car wash,” said Chris Whitley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gilbarco Veeder-Root North America. “This collaboration between our team and Mosaic is a springboard for any car wash operator looking to use technology to increase subscription revenue without added overhead.”

“At Mosaic, we built our business from the ground up with a focus on providing a better experience for car wash customers.” said Matt McCulloch, Co-founder & CEO, Digital Mosaic. “Working together with Gilbarco’s team to bring our technology to gas stations across North America has been very rewarding, and we’re excited about the retail fueling market’s appetite for our solutions. We will be announcing our first wave of retailers in the coming weeks, and we are very excited to see the impact our partnership will have on the North American market.”