Invoice Accuracy is a Fuel Industry Problem—Fuel Tax Compliance is Key!

An estimated 25% of all fuel invoices are inaccurate in some way. If you’re a seller who’s generating bad invoices, your revenues and reputation are at risk. Excise tax errors can leave you liable for back taxes and fines or penalties. Additionally, a supplier that generates bad invoices risks damage to hard-won customer loyalty and market reputation.

In this webinar, senior product manager and resident tax expert for Avalara’s Excise Tax Division, Gary Davis, will discuss fuel tax calculation and invoicing challenges facing suppliers as well as strategies to ensure that invoices are accurate.

What you will learn:

  • The fuel excise tax challenge
  • The business impact of inaccurate invoicing
  • Three strategies to ensure invoice accuracy

Attend the webinar and receive the white paper “How to Generate Accurate Bulk Fuel Invoices.”

When: Thursday August 13 at 1:00 CDT


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Moderated by FMN Editor Keith Reid.